Hereʼs when you can vote before Election Day


Early voting: Now-Oct. 31

Mail ballot dropoff: Now-Nov. 3


Early voting: Oct. 27-Nov. 2

Mail ballot dropoff: Now-Nov. 3


Early voting: Oct. 26-Nov. 2

Mail ballot dropoff: Now-Nov. 3

Map of early voting, ballot drop box locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Voters in Virginia can already cast their ballots at early-voting centers across the state, now through Oct. 31, with additional early-voting sites opening in mid-October in many counties and cities. In-person, early-voting facilities won’t open in Maryland until Monday, Oct. 26 and in the District until Tuesday, Oct. 27.

The Washington Post newsroom has created the map below to list places voters can drop off ballots in the Washington region or cast a ballot before Election Day. The map will update in the coming weeks with additional locations.

The map shows early-voting sites and ballot dropoff sites for Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

Early-voting sites
Ballot dropoff sites

Hour of operation vary by facility and jurisdiction. Many early-voting locations will be closed on Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 12. If you’re planning to mail your ballot, you can send it via the U.S. Postal Service at any time once you’ve filled it out.

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Have questions about casting your vote? Here are three voting guides for D.C., Maryland and Virginia that answer common questions about how to register, vote by mail and more.

Live outside of the Washington region? Here’s an overview of how to vote (and when) depending on where you live.

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