Who is behind organic brands

Consumers may not know that these 92 organic food brands are owned by some of the nation's largest food processors. Michigan State researcher Phil Howard has tracked organic brand acquisitions or alliances by major food companies since 1984. This list shows organic brands that were acquired by one of 2013's largest 100 food processors. Read related article.

By Darla Cameron and Peter Whoriskey Published: May 1, 2015

Hover on an organic brand to see its corporate parent. Brands are shown in order of acquisition date. Or, see a list of organic brands owned by each processor.

The list

Food Processing, a food industry publication, ranks the top 100 food and beverage processors in the U.S. by their sales in the previous year. The 26 processors that have aquired organic brands are shown here, ranked by their 2013 food sales.

An earlier version of this graphic misidentified the food sales figures as overall company revenue.

SOURCE: Food Processing, Phil Howard. Published May 1, 2015.