Check each item off the list to see if you're ready for the storm:



Do you have a gallon for every person in your house for each day? (And maybe some other, more interesting beverages?)



Have you stocked up on PB&J, baby formula and other non-perishable food in case the power goes out? Remember, delivery probably won't be an option. Here's how to make the most of your blizzard food stash — even if you lose power.


Heating and cooking

If your power-outage plan is to grill, do you have propane? Do you have fireplace wood? Enough heating oil? Make sure vents to the outside are kept clear, and never use a gasoline, natural gas or charcoal-burning device indoors. On a related note, make sure carbon-monoxide alarms are working.


Warm clothing

Do you have boots, extra blankets, mittens, hats, coats, sweatshirts and maybe even hand warmers for everyone?


Pet supplies

Do you have enough dog food/cat litter/crickets? (Yeah, crickets — reptiles have to eat too, you know!) Don't forget to bring Fluffy and Fido inside.



Do you have a week’s worth (just in case) for everyone who will need it?


Hygiene items

Do you have enough diapers, tampons, toothpaste? How about a first-aid kit? Really hope you stocked up on toilet paper.



It could go out. Do you have enough batteries for a flashlight? Radio? Battery-powered cell charger? And good grief, don't forget gas for the snow blower!


Porch and driveway

Do you have sand, rock salt or ice melt to make the walk less slippery? How about a shovel? (Don't go crazy shoveling; overexertion can cause problems ranging from blisters and muscle strains to heart attacks.)



Have you lifted the windshield wipers on your car so they won't be frozen in place when you finally dig out? (Don't pour hot water on your windshield to de-ice it, by the way.)

Readiness level


You have more work to do.