On the island of Lesbos, migrants fled war, poverty and oppression.

Journey alongside refugees as they come ashore in Europe

A visual journey through Lesbos, the gateway to Europe

Published Jan. 27

But a rising tide of nationalism left them walled out of many countries

How the world is heeding the call to ‘build that wall’

The world now has more border barriers than at any time in modern history, an increase driven by war, waves of migration and the threat of terrorism.

Published Oct. 12

Despite the Brexit vote, many agreements and organizations still tie European countries together

Europe’s many alliances, reimagined as a Metro system

European countries are bound together in many ways.

Published July 1

Attacks in Europe led to a reexamination of the threat of terrorism around the world

How terrorism in the West compares to terrorism everywhere else

Since the beginning of 2015, the Middle East, Africa and Asia have seen nearly 50 times more deaths from terrorism than Europe and the Americas.

Published July 16

45 years of terrorist attacks in Europe, visualized

How European terrorism shifted in deadliness and frequency.

Published Dec. 19

The Islamic State was forced to retreat in the face of a shaky but effective coalition

How the Islamic State is using scorched earth tactics as it retreats

Satellite imagery of the current operations by Iraqi forces to retake Mosul reveal how the Islamic State can inflict damage even when it’s on the run.

Published Oct. 15

The uneasy mix of forces that are toppling the Islamic State

As Iraqi forces advance toward Mosul, here are the groups that are fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Published Oct. 24

With mass shootings at home and abroad, a guide showed what to do in an active shooter situation

A gunman opens fire in your building. What do you do?

What would you do if someone walked into the building you are in right now and started shooting?

Published March 8

President Obama’s final year in office was a time for reflection on his legacy

The content of his presidency

Americans spent much of Obama’s last year in office entranced by the 2016 election. We set out to address the unanswered questions of his historic tenure.

A new African American history museum rose on the Mall in D.C.

Tour through the Smithsonian’s new African American history museum

The Smithsonian’s newest museum sits in the shadow of the Washington Monument and occupies levels below and above ground.

Published Sept. 20

A 200-year transformation: How the Mall became what it is today

In Washington, plans rarely go as hoped, so the Mall has been a work in progress for more than two centuries.

Published Aug. 23

Maps showed the changing racial and ethnic makeup of the United States

Where the country is becoming more diverse

The racial and ethnic diversity of communities varies greatly across the country, but rapid change is coming to many of the least-diverse areas.

Published Nov. 25

A Post investigation explained a startling rise in death rates among white women

White women are dying faster all over America — but what about where you live?

Across the country, middle-aged white women are dying at staggeringly higher rates, but the trend isn’t universal. See how death rates in your county have changed.

Published Aug. 31

Why death rates for white women in rural America are spiking

White women living in less-urban areas have seen a stark increase in death rates — as much as 40 percent in some age groups.

Published April 9

Economic indicators showed disparities in the post-recession recovery

America’s great housing divide: Are you a winner or loser?

A new analysis by The Washington Post shows that the economic recovery has been deeply uneven.

Published April 28

Visualizations showed a century of hurricanes hitting or missing the Southeastern United States

100 years of hurricanes in Florida, visualized

Florida has withstood more direct hurricane strikes than any other state and is often grazed by storms that end up making landfall elsewhere.

Published Oct. 7

And maps captured America’s massive transportation and power networks

Six maps that show the anatomy of America’s vast infrastructure

A look at the United States’s bridges, electrical grid, pipelines, railroads, airports and waterways

Published Dec. 1

How seven cities are inventing the future of transportation

They were competing for a $40 million start-up prize from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which asked them to juggle three big ideas: automation, climate change and urban inequality.

Published June 9

In August, Team USA dominated as Brazil hosted South America’s first Olympic Games

The thousand medals of Team USA

How Team USA reached a historic milestone: 1,000 gold medals in Summer Olympics.

Published Aug. 13

Sizing up the Olympics

Here’s a look at the scale of the courts and equipment of the summer games.

Published Aug. 5

Rio 2016 visualized: The Olympics in charts and graphics

Maps, graphs, charts and visual explanations of everything Olympic.

An analysis inspected NFL teams to see how well they invested in young talent

Legendary? Lousy? How your team has fared in the NFL draft

Some teams seem to always strike gold on draft day, while others just find rocks. (We’re looking at you, Cleveland.) Revisit the past 20 NFL drafts to see how adept every team has been at mining top talent.

Published April 21

The beauty of the Galapagos was on display in a 360-video presentation

This isn’t Darwin’s Galapagos: The wildlife-rich islands are more tourist-friendly than you think

Tourism is evolving in the Ecuadorian archipelago, as more visitors choose to immerse themselves in island life.

Published May 27

More graphics from The Post

Police shootings 2016 database

Since 2015, The Post has created a database cataloging every fatal shooting nationwide by a police officer in the line of duty.

What we know about the Orlando nightclub mass shooting

49 people killed and 53 injured at Pulse, a popular gay bar and dance club in Orlando. Authorities are calling an act of domestic terrorism.

Published June 12

Everything you ever wanted to know about the U.S. foreign assistance budget

From helping build wells to helping build armies

Published Aug. 18

What we know about the attacks in Brussels

On the morning of March 22, three explosions rocked Belgium’s capital. Here’s what we know.

Published March 22

Tracking the massive floods affecting the Midwest

Unusual winter storms in the Midwest have sent torrents of water into rivers and their tributaries, causing massive floods in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas and imperiling cities downstream. Forecasters say destruction could rival the flooding of 1993, which killed 50 and caused $15 billion in damage.

Published Jan. 2

State of the Union: Obama’s greatest hits

What we learned from analyzing applause patterns in Obama’s eight State of the Union speeches.

Published Jan. 13

How states have been trying to restrict LGBT rights since 2013

Since 2013, state legislatures have introduced 254 bills that aim to limit LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights, according to data collected by the American Civil Liberties Union and analyzed by The Washington Post.

Published June 10

The D.C. region’s 2015 housing market, mapped

See which Zip codes are best and worse for real estate.

Published Feb. 3

Poor, rural areas will be most affected by Walmart closing 154 stores

Map: Here is a look at the neighborhoods where Walmart is closing its doors.

Published Feb. 5

The new space race: The vehicles that will take you to space

Commercial companies like SpaceX are starting to gain traction in the space industry. There are currently more than a dozen private rockets capsules and spaceplanes under development, with more on the way soon.

Published June 1

The top 100 players for the 2016-17 NBA season

Washington Post national NBA writer Tim Bontemps surveyed the NBA and ranked his top 100 players according to their overall talent level heading into the new season.

Published Oct. 20

Fantasy Football tips and player rankings

Charting player productivity and risk for your fantasy draft.

Published Aug. 10

2016 NCAA tournament campaign buttons

Show your March Madness passion with these team candidate pins. Find your favorite team, save the pin to your device and share it with your friends. Who do you think will win this title campaign?

Published March 13

Climbing Everest isn’t enough for these guys: They’re doing it without oxygen

Only a few ever try this, and some who did suffered damage later.

Published May 23

How this year’s ‘it’ color came to be

You may think buying that particular color shirt or houseware item was your decision, but color analysts and forecasters actually anticipated the color you may choose a few years in advance.

Published May 18

Plant your seeds at the perfect time using this gardener-approved guide

This spring, get the most out of your garden with this planting schedule recommended by The Washington Post’s gardening columnist, Adrian Higgins.

Published Feb. 11

Fiber: The world’s least sexy, but effective weight-loss tool

It can be gross and gassy, but it can also help you drop a few pounds.

Published Jan. 25

The inside story of when Run-DMC met Aerosmith and changed music forever

Thirty years ago, the rap trio from Queens and veteran rockers from Boston came together to make history.

Published May 18

Could you endure the world’s longest nonstop flight? Find out who’s king of the long haul.

Today, two airlines share the distinction of the world’s longest nonstop flight.

Published May 26

How to visit seven countries in one 21,623-mile adventure

Using an around-the-world ticket, they dropped into seven countries on a global scavenger hunt and documenting their journey as they go.

Published April 29

The essential guide to all 59 U.S. national parks

As the National Park Service turns 100, a look at the wonders it works to preserve.

Published Aug. 15

We asked 10 poets for poems. 10 designers put them in motion.

For National Poetry Month, The Washington Post presents a collaboration between poets and visual artists for a fresh take on poetry.

Published April 20

Even more graphics

The 2016 election, in graphics

A curated collection of the visual stories published throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, from the primaries to the Trump transition.

Visualizing Rio 2016

A collection of our work covering the Rio Olympics in charts, graphs, maps and visual stories.