Of the workers in , percent of them commute from outside the county.

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Some counties are giant job magnets. They pulled in workers from hundreds of other counties. About 424 counties sent 1.6 million workers to New York County, essentially Manhattan; 516 counties sent workers to Los Angeles County; and 816 to Harris County, Tex., which includes Houston.

New York County, N.Y.
Los Angeles County, Calif.
Harris County, Tex.

Other counties pulled in relatively few workers, but they came from all across the U.S. Examples are construction hotspots and booming oil patch counties.

McKenzie County, N.D.
North Slope Borough, Alaska

Then there’s Clark County, Nev. Only three percent of its workers came from outside. But those 22,699 commuters came from 298 counties in 48 states. They could represent workers who spent a week at a business convention or otherwise working (or should we say “working”) in Las Vegas just before they were surveyed.

Clark County, Nev.

All in all, there are 130,000 combinations of live-and-work counties in the recently released 2013 commuter data from the Census Bureau. The American Community Survey, which surveys about two million households each year, asks the question, “At what location did this person work LAST WEEK?”