Markers and monuments

  • Confederate memorial
  • African American memorial

William Gilmore Simms Bust

White Point Garden, 1879

A pro-slavery poet and novelist

Defenders of Charleston Monument

Magnolia Cemetery, 1882

Towers over 2,200 Confederate graves

Washington Light Infantry Obelisk

Washington Square Park, 1891

A Charleston militia that provided the Confederacy three companies of soldiers

John C. Calhoun Monument

Marion Square, 1896

U.S. Senator, vice president, slavery defender and seccessionist.

Torpedo Boat Monument

White Point Garden, 1899

Honors the Confederate sub Hunley and her crew members

Bust of Henry Timrod

Washington Square Park, 1901

The poet laureate of the Confederacy

Beauregard Memorial Arch

Washington Square Park, 1904

Confederate general P.T.G. Beauregard

Memorial to Hampton Obelisk, Marion Square

Marion Square, 1912

Wade Hampton, Confederate general, governor, U.S. Senator

Confederate Defenders of Charleston Monument

White Point Garden, 1932

For defenders of the city and Fort Sumter

Sullivan's Island Marker

Poe Avenue, 1990

Port of entry for slaves during 1700s

Bench By the Road Memorial

Sullivan's Island, 2008

Transatlantic Slave Trade memorial bench by the Tony Morrison Society

Decoration Day Marker

Hampton Park, 2010

Thousands observed the first Memorial Day, May 1, 1865, for Union soldiers who died as prisoners

Institute Hall Marker

Meeting Street, 2010

Where delegates signed the Ordinance of Secession in 1860; it mentions slavery

Robert Smalls Marker

Waterfront Park, 2013

He escaped slavery, became a Union navy pilot and Reconstruction politician

James Simons Elementary Marker

King and Moultrie streets, 2013

Three black girls desegretated the school in 1963.

Cigar Factory Workers Strike Marker

Columbus and Drake streets, 2013

Strikers, mostly black women sang "We Shall Overcome" in the 1940s five-month strike

S. H. Kress Sit-In Marker

King Street, 2013

Fifteen black high school students were arrested in a 1960 protest

Progressive Club Marker

Johns Island, 2013

A pioneering civic education center founded 1948 by activist Esau Jenkins

Hospital Workers Strike Marker

Ashley Avenue, 2013

A 113-day strike mostly by black women at Medical College Hospital in 1969

Jonathan Jasper Wright Marker

Queen Street, 2013

Reconstruction-era lawyer and first black state Supreme Court justice

Spirit of Freedom Monument, Denmark Vesey Memorial Statue

Hampton Park, 2014

Vesey led an unsuccessful 1822 slave uprising

Judge Waties Waring Statue

Broad Street, 2014

A federal judge known for civil rights decisions in 1940s and 1950s

Grimke Sisters Marker

East Bay Street, 2015

S.C. abolitionists Angelina and Sarah Grimke