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Why I voted for Trump

After the election, The Post invited readers to share why they voted for Donald Trump. We received more than 1,600 responses. Below are some of their answers.

Updated: November 23 at 11:35 am

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Lesley Newman

53 years old • Scottsdale, Ariz.

I'm a college-educated, white, working American female, and I have found Hillary Clinton's arrogance since her days in the White House so off-putting that anything and anyone, including Donald Trump, has more appeal.

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Rhonnie Enterline

28 years old • Sacramento, Calif.

He was an outsider. He spoke truth about political correctness. He has great kids who stand by him, which means something to me. And most important, he is not a Clinton. If I weren't in California where my presidential vote doesn't count for much, I might not have voted for him. But, I thought, why not be part of sending a message to Washington?

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Jay Maynard

56 years old • Fairmont, Minn.

I am not one of Donald Trump's fanboys. The choice was not cut and dry. What finally decided the question for me was Hillary Clinton’s hostility to the rule of law as exemplified by her behavior and her promise to select Supreme Court justices willing to overturn District of Columbia v. Heller and Citizens United. Taken together, those two things meant her election represented an existential threat to the Constitution, its design for our government, and the First and Second Amendment. I concluded our country would not survive a Clinton presidency. That meant she had to be stopped cold. The only way I had to push in that direction was to vote for Trump, so I did.

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Andreas Ninios

40 years old • Washington, D.C.

What matters most to me is inclusion. Though we live in a "global village" type of world, the benefits (better education, better information and a better variety of choices in general) are not felt by all. That is because, though many politicians say progress and globalization promise better things, they deliver fewer and fewer of those promises to all. That was reflected in this election the most. People are tired and want change for everyone. I am not sure a Trump presidency delivers the right type of change, but I am hoping that the politicians who have failed time and time again to deliver on the aforementioned promises got the message.

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Max Mordell

30 years old • Spring Valley, N.Y.

I am a Cruz/Rubio Republican, and I voted for Donald Trump because, first, he will upset the status quo in government (on both sides of the aisle) — a status quo under which the government keeps getting larger while the rest of America keeps gets smaller. Second, Trump will expose the cynicism in the media — an industry that thrives off of the appeal to the worst of human impulses. Trump may not pursue constitutional conservatism, but he has an excellent chance to enact policies and to create an environment in which this country's economy can get going again. I am also convinced Trump is well suited to restore American leadership — with all of its values — around the world. The American spirit (the term may need to be defined for some millennials, and the best resource is simply a standard history text), which has driven the successes of our past, is sorely lacking at home and around the world. Trump understands this, and I believe he is genuinely interested in making America great again.

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Yasar Bresnahan

60 years old •  Canton, Ga.

I am a Muslim woman and a legal immigrant from Turkey. I have my American citizenship. I voted for Donald Trump. I can say it proudly.

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Kirsten Johnson

31 years old • Minneapolis, M.N.

I was literally undecided until I went into the voting booth. I was a strong advocate for Gary Johnson for most of the race, but I changed my mind after I saw him at a lackluster rally in town. Then Trump came through, and the energy and passion was astounding. He overflowed an airport hangar with 24 hours’ notice on a Sunday during a Vikings home game. Holy crap. So, in the end, I voted for the economy, against Obamacare and against a corrupt government, just as I was planning to for Johnson. But I also voted for the people, because Trump was the clear choice of the silent majority I eventually became a part of.

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Nick Flores

39 years old • Sacramento, Calif.

I voted for Donald Trump because he will deport illegal immigrants more than Clinton. As a legal immigrant who had to wait 13 years for an immigration visa approval and pass two health screens and an English language proficiency exam prior to entering the United States, I consider it an insult to to cater to criminals who disobeyed immigration laws and cut in front of all law-abiding immigration applicants waiting patiently to be approved. I have never received any government assistance, nor is it my goal to do so. My dignity disallows such a thought. To witness some illegal immigrants gaming the welfare system boils my blood.

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Nicole Citro

47 years old • Burlington, Vt.

Donald Trump came to Burlington, Vt. — Bernie Sanders’s home town — in December. I stood in line with a few thousand people and was confronted by a few hundred people protesting Trump’s appearance and those supporting him. I was still on the fence, but after that rally I knew without a doubt Trump was going to be our next president. He had tapped into what the everyday Joe — and Jane — were feeling but had become PC-shamed from expressing. As Trump cleared each hurdle during the campaign, and I saw how the media, the establishment and celebrities tried to derail him, my hope began to grow that I would be able to witness their collective heads explode when he was successful. Tuesday night was beyond satisfying to watch unfold. I hope all the aforementioned have learned their lesson. I look forward to watching Trump make good on his plans to make America affordable, make America safe and make America work. I always thought it was great.

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Erin Keefe

22 years old • Manchester, N.H.

I am white, I am a woman, I am pro-choice, I am educated, and I voted for Donald Trump. The government needs to be run like a corporation, simple as that. Of course humanitarian issues are of concern to me, as they are to every American. His degrading language toward women bothers me, and his views on global warming are a problem for me. I do not 100 percent love Trump, but I am convinced he can lead this nation. I was part of the silent majority. My friends would bash those who leaned toward Trump and comment on how insane, uneducated and racist his supporters were. I was afraid to speak my mind because of the possibility it might hurt my reputation socially and professionally. I respect everyone’s opinion and vote, and it’s wrong to be ridiculed for supporting someone you have a right to support. I scrolled through my Facebook page on Election Day personally hurt. Friends accused Trump supporters of not loving them because they are gay, a woman, a person of color or an immigrant. My stomach dropped knowing what might happen if someone found out that I supported him and that they thought I did not love them for that. I voted for Donald Trump because he can create change for our country, economy and world.

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Deniz Dolun

22 years old • Boca Raton, Fla.

My entire family — five Muslim immigrants from Turkey — voted for Donald Trump in Florida because of the Democratic Party’s pandering to Islamism. As people who have actually experienced Islamism in its purest form, back in Turkey, we supported the candidate who promised to help us fight that issue, regardless of any of his other policies. For us, the people of the Middle East, this election was just too important to hand over to someone such as Hillary Clinton.

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 Diane Maus

61 years old • Suffern, N.Y.

On Tuesday, I voted Republican for only the second time in my life. The media did the United States a huge disservice in covering this campaign. As I watched, I got the impression that voting was a mere formality. The commentary was all about how Hillary Clinton was set to get down to business once the pesky election was over. It was obvious watching the election returns on several networks that not one of them prepared for the possibility of Donald Trump triumphing. Why was that? My vote was my only way to say: I am here and I count. I wish President-elect Trump all the best and have hope that Washington will, in the next four years, actually work for all Americans.

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Howard Gaskill

77 years old • Georgetown, Del.

I remember the Clintons from back when they tap danced around the Gennifer Flowers story. Then came Whitewater and then Hillary Clinton’s billing records were nowhere to be found, and then there was Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton looked right at me through the TV screen and said “I did not have . . .” The lies never stopped. Then came the Clinton Foundation, foreign donations and the emails. I have 100 percent Clinton Fatigue. If Bernie Sanders had been on the ballot, I would have voted for him, even though I agree with him on virtually nothing. But he seems to be honest and stands up for his beliefs and not for enriching himself.

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Phil McNeish

 57 years old • Roanoke, Va.

 I am an independent voter who leans slightly to the left. I am a small business owner. I am not an uneducated, deplorable redneck. Donald Trump, despite his imperfections, will be the most left-leaning Republican president of all time. Hillary Clinton would have steered the country further to the extreme left, while Trump will be a good mix of left and right. We, in the middle, are weary of partisan bickering. Trump was our best hope of a president willing to compromise.

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 Lori Myers

 51 years old • Houston

 I voted for Donald Trump because the media was so incredibly biased. They were unhinged in their obvious role as the Clinton campaign propaganda machine. The collusion was just too much.  

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Debra Knox

 61 years old •  Shallotte, N.C.

 I am concerned about my impossibly expensive health insurance and the impact on my family. I am concerned about undocumented immigrants and the Democratic Party’s propensity to give and give to everyone. The middle class is in dire condition. I haven’t had a raise in 10 years. I couldn’t stand the thought of four more years heading in this direction. My decision was based on my fiscal needs.

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George Erdner

65 years old • Duluth, Ga.

It was time we had a businessman with strong executive skills leading our nation back to capitalism. We must reverse the trend toward socialism, and who better to make that change than a capitalist?

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Christopher Todd

53 years old • Tampa

I voted for Donald Trump on the calculated bet that he would nominate conservative Supreme Court justices. The Constitution is a social contract, not a poem to be variously interpreted. If people want to permit gay marriage or abortion for any reason, then make both legal through the legislature, not via an unelected oligarchy rewriting the Constitution.

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Mackenzie Gans

28 years old • Las Vegas

We need to focus less on individually placating all the groups that make American wonderful and more on solving issues related to the economy and foreign adversaries. Tap-dancing around our national debt, our failure to contain Iran and North Korea, and our long-term unemployed citizens helps no one.

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James Brady

74 years old • Tennessee

I voted for Donald Trump based on my Christian values. I didn’t know a lot about Trump but I knew too much about the Clintons. This country needs to get back on track with God, to give God praise, honor and glory each and every passing day. He is worthy. I pray for the new administration that will take office in January. I believe if Hillary Clinton had won the election we would be dead in the water. Too many things she sought to get passed were against any Christian belief for those who are true to Christ.

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Helene Berkowitz

37 years old • Hashmonaim, Israel

Unlike most Americans, I know how to compartmentalize and separate my personal opinion of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and my belief about who is better for the job. I have always said — years before Trump was ever interested in politics — that the country should be run like a business. Meaning the United States should be led by someone who knows how to delegate, and understands complex budgets, negotiation and leadership. That is why I voted for Trump. I don’t need my president to be nice to everyone and to give them a warm, fuzzy feeling. Get a bathrobe for that. I also don’t have to agree with him on every single opinion or policy. I don’t need to be friends with my president; I need him or her to lead the country, provide solutions for our problems and make a stronger and greater United States.

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 Jim Barnacle

 66 years old •  Harrisburg, Pa.

I don't believe Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist or homophobe. I think he will focus on making the economy better for American citizens and businesses. I'm hopeful that he will help our inner cities and help everyone reach their potential. I'm a 40-year veteran of law enforcement, and my two sons are cops as well. My three sons-in-law are in the military. Hillary Clinton convinced me that she does not support my profession or the military. I also believe the Clintons were wrong for accepting so much money for speeches. They were being paid for access, which is wrong.

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Daniel Traynor

 46 years old •  Devils Lake, N.D.

Because the part of America that grows your food, produces your energy and fights your wars believes the country needs a course correction.

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Laura Johnson

49 years old • California

Because I believe Donald Trump loves America and really wants what is best for all Americans, whether it be health care, jobs or just feeling safe in our country. I want my gay friends, my friends of many races, to be safe in their workplaces and homes and communities. I know that's very important to him. And I could never get past the email scandal and Benghazi with Hillary Clinton. That turned me off for good. My son is in the military. I just couldn't vote for her. I believe Trump is sincere in his love of country and his desire to make it better. I want to give him a chance.

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Samantha Styler

 21 years old •  Gilbert, Ariz.

I am a gay millennial woman and I voted for Donald Trump because I oppose the political correctness movement, which has become a fascist ideology of silence and ignorance. After months of going back and forth, I decided to listen to him directly and not through minced and filtered quotes from the mainstream media.

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Marc Gratkowski

46 years old • Scranton, Pa.

I favor Donald Trump's ideas on trade, his potential Supreme Court nominees, and his support for inner cities and educational opportunities. The WikiLeaks documents provided the most important reasons for defeating Hillary Clinton: her campaign's vile "Catholic Spring" revolution to weaken my church, and her foundations’s links to foreign money, especially from the Uranium One deal and from countries that have provided funding to the Islamic State. But the “Catholic Spring” and her campaign's response to this revelation would have been enough on their own.

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Marilyn Weydert

74 years old • Kenosha, Wis.

I voted against Hillary Clinton, and for Donald Trump, because Clinton compromised our national security by putting classified information on a personal email account and allowed people without security clearances to access that information. As a retired federal employee with a security clearance, I have protected classified information. Failure to do so has resulted in prison for many, and rightly so.

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Ron Sexton

61 years old • Tustin, Calif.

Donald Trump is willing to be open, to be transparent and to tackle the problems we need handled as Americans. Fix immigration so immigrants can come here legally with full rights and not be disadvantaged. Support the rule of law and secure the border, and process violent criminals correctly. Fix the bad global trade rules. China buys up the United States while Google and Uber fail in China and Apple cannot even protect the iPhone name there. I think Trump is smart and has a chance to do good things for the United States. He is more of a doer than a politician. An inclusive president for all.

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Shoanna Crowell

45 years old • Boston

I voted for Jill Stein, which my friends all yelled was a vote for Donald Trump. I don't fully disagree. It was clear early on in the Democratic primary contest that the mainstream media discounted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) even when he was winning states. Then the Democratic National Committee emails came out, and I had proof of what I suspected. The Democrats and the mainstream media had handpicked their candidate and were manipulating us. They felt entitled to shove Hillary Clinton down our throats. I'm glad they didn't get away with it.

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