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We’re tracking the progress of 60 pledges he made during his campaign — and whether he achieved his goals.
This powerful group includes heads of the 15 executive departments who must all be confirmed by the incoming Senate.
The Post a nonprofit are tracking nearly 700 appointments through the nomination process.
Positions range from high-profile advisers to ambassadors, small agency directors and special assistants.
Some of the 2,066 official signed statements that President Obama released have the force of law — unless they are repealed by another president.


America’s political geography follows the contours of its physical geography. The coasts are home to urban Democratic havens, while Republicans count on the vast and less densely populated areas that almost always support the ticket.
The results data in a song. Make your own mix.
Donald Trump had delivered on his promise to flip the Democrats’ hold on the industrial Midwest.
Since Obama’s election in 2008, the trend of urban counties voting for Democrats and rural counties voting for Republicans has grown stronger.
Virginia and North Carolina both show the same pattern: Clinton taking major hits in rural areas without making up for it in cities.
One of Hillary Clinton’s early warning signs came out of West Philadelphia.
Of the more than 120 million votes cast in the 2016 election, 107,000 votes in three states effectively decided the election.
The electoral college is supposed to guarantee that populous states can’t dominate an election, but it also sets up a disparity in representation.
Given the sheer volume of uncounted votes, it’s easy to imagine a scenario in which they could flip an election result.
Full results and county-level analysis.
Full results for Senate races.
Full results for House races.
In a Post-ABC News poll, 61 percent of people were anxious about the idea of Donald Trump as president, while 56 percent were anxious about Hillary Clinton. If you’ve cast your vote, there’s nothing left to do but to distract yourself until results come in.
The election conversation didn't start off pleasantly. Then, it got worse.
Explore likely victory scenarios for each candidate and create your own in our new graphic.
Writing in a candidate is not as simple as it sounds. There are eight states where ballots won’t even have a space for write-ins. In 32 others, write-in candidates have to file with the state prior to the election to be counted as official candidates.
A look at how many early votes have been cast in every state in the nation.
In 2012, about the same number of votes were cast in 160 counties as were cast in the rest of the country. But, your run-of-the-mill election map won't show you that.
The vast majority of U.S. counties – about 8 in 10 – have consistently voted for the same party’s presidential nominees over the past four elections.
14 states have new laws that could make it more difficult to vote this year. Is your state one of them?
Of the 10 states to swing between parties in the past four elections, five states have voted for the winner in every election since 2000
Voting in the 2016 general election began weeks ago. Did those voters miss key information?
Rigging a U.S. presidential election on Election Day would be an astonishing (and nearly impossible) feat, according to experts. Here’s what you’d have to do.
We explored what would happen under different electoral systems — and found that adjusted rules could have changed the outcome in half of the presidential elections since 2000.
Think you know the mind of the average American voter? We took a look at national polling results, and some of the answers might surprise you.
Based solely on new census data about how much your family earns, we can tell whether your state is red, blue or somewhere in between.


As polls close nationwide, see how voters from different backgrounds cast their ballot.
Trump was leading in only one of 15 national polls conducted the week before the election.
Explore how groups’ support has shifted since the candidates clinched the major party nominations.
A Washington Post-SurveyMonkey poll reveals how the 2016 campaign is playing out in every state, including some unexpected shifts.
A Washington Post poll of all 50 states indicates some states may make historic flips from red to blue.


How the candidates compare on immigration, gun control, the war on terror, and other key issues
Neither candidate has a plan to fully fund their changes.
Party platforms have grown longer, and the political polarization in them continues to widen.
The 503 lawmakers, 94 percent of Congress, who sponsored or co-sponsored gun legislation this session. See how your members of Congress have contributed.
Here’s an at-a-glance look at the candidates’ views on the day’s biggest issues.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are some of the most unlikeable candidates in political history. But how do they compare with other presidents, politicians and beloved government agencies like the IRS?
According to three marketing and change-management experts, his celebrity brand and marketing strategy were tipping points for his victory.
The true, the false and everything in between.
From selecting pictures to verifying sources, every fact about a candidate is nitpicked to perfection by a small army of volunteer editors.
Donald Trump says he will “Make America Great Again.” See when America was great for people like you.
For two straight days, lawyers for a reporter Trump had sued asked the businessman question after question on the same theme: Trump’s honesty.
The Washington Post has contacted more than 250 charities with some ties to the GOP nominee in an effort to find proof of the millions he has said he donated to them.
The Trump campaign has used a combination of cherry-picked polls and misleading data visualization to paint a cheerier picture of its prospects on Election Day.
Among the biggest differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been how they handle the press: both to their advantage and disadvantage.
Here’s what Donald Trump likely weighed when choosing his vice-presidential nominee.
Shore up the liberal base? Try to counteract one of her perceived weaknesses? Here’s what Clinton must weigh when choosing her VP nominee.
In the month since Trump became the de facto nominee, many Republicans have decided to support him.
From the mundane to the unexpected, here is a look at products that businesses associated with the Republican presidential nominee have imported since 2007.
The Post is making public a sizable portion of the raw reporting used in the development of “Trump Revealed,” a biography of the Republican presidential nominee published August 23 by Scribner.
For the first time in 41 seasons of “Saturday Night Live,” a presidential candidate near the top of the polls will host the show.
Get caught up on the controversy and read the emails.
Starting two weeks after his last day as president, Bill began giving paid speeches — a career that has generated extraordinary wealth.
Started in 1997, the Clinton Foundation has since grown to include a vast number of initiatives. Here's how it all stacked up over the last 18 years.
A look at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s fundraising methods, from Little Rock to Washington and then across the globe.
A roundup of what we know about the attacks in Benghazi and how Hillary Clinton was involved.
The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation publishes a list of its donors, updated annually, including how much each has given.

Campaign finance

For the first time, nearly every presidential candidate is flanked by at least one independent group that can accept unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. Here are the latest totals for each White House contender and their allies.
Wealthy donors are giving record sums this cycle to super PACs, which can accept unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. Here’s a look at who have given the most.
Independent groups fueled by unlimited donations are driving the action in the 2016 presidential race.
This project is an effort to identify every known donor who contributed to support Bill and Hillary Clinton over their four decades in public life.


Here’s your chance to sit in the moderator’s seat.
Freed from their podiums, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were able to roam the stage at Sunday night’s presidential debate.
The 2016 campaign has been filled with questionable statements and attacks of every nature. For the third presidential debate, we're scrutinizing what both candidates said.
In televised presidential debates, a candidate’s demeanor and facial expressions can say as much as the words that candidate speaks.
The 2016 campaign has been filled with questionable statements and attacks of every nature. For the second presidential debate, we're scrutinizing what both candidates said.
Highlights of the first presidential debate
When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off for the 2016 presidential debates


We’ve pulled out some of the most fundamental – and frequently mentioned – topics of the Democratic and Republican conventions. In some instances, the two parties are on the same page, but in others, it seems like they’re talking about two different Americas.
Democrats give unity their best shot. React to some key statements with the emoji of your choice.
Donald Trump makes it official. React to some key statements with the emoji of your choice.
Did Republicans decide to trash the unpopular enemy, or praise their own controversial leader?
See if you can tell which state said which brag at the Republican National Convention.
Here’s where the states are seated in the Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention is being held.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton described divergent visions for the future.
The common rhetoric of the 2016 Republican National Convention
Several big-name Democratic speakers will take the stage, attempting to unite their party behind presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.
While many decided to stay away, a full slate of speakers and events is scheduled for the convention, which will take place July 18-21.


Need to catch up on the presidential candidates? Here is who's winning the 2016 race so far.
See how many delegates candidates are from moving on to the general election.
See how many delegates candidates are from moving on to the general election.
Catch up on the latest political news by guessing which candidate said what.
Kasich and Cruz are trying to stop Trump one delegate at a time, starting with areas where each Republican vote counts the most.
Between Super Tuesday and March 15, the next two weeks will determine the clear frontrunners for presidential nominees.
Trump and the rest of the field are running nearly even.
Where likely voters, including Hispanics, stand ahead of Florida's crucial March 15 primary.
A national survey by The Washington Post and Univision News explores what Hispanic voters think.
When each state holds its primaries/caucuses
South Carolina voters will boost Trump into a series of primaries in politically similar Southern states.
See the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate according to a statewide survey of Republican South Carolina voters.
Super Tuesday is Clinton’s chance for an armload of victories that would give her full claim to front-runner status. But Sanders could spoil it with big wins somewhere outside his native Northeast.
A Donald Trump sweep of the dozen Super Tuesday states would brand his opponents as losers, and boost him into an all-but-inevitable Republican nominee.
Among Super Tuesday states, Virginia may be the best bellwether. Almost every part of America is reflected in its mix of people, urbanization and geography.
See the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate according to preliminary results from a statewide survey of Virginians as they exited voting places in Tuesday's primary.
Some have embraced the presumptive nominee. Others, not so much.
See the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate according to a statewide survey of Iowans as they entered Monday's caucuses.
How rural voters controlled the Iowa caucuses
But Trump's an outlier.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been buoyed by huge delegate hauls in the South, but neither has been as strong in other regions, and Trump is not the leader so far in the West and narrowly took over the lead in the Midwest with Missouri delegates.
See where each candidate is strongest among demographic groups according to preliminary results from a statewide survey of Marylanders as they exited voting places in Tuesday’s primary.
The Nevada caucus gave voice to significant numbers of black and Hispanic voters.
After winning two states with about a third of the votes, Donald Trump zoomed up to almost 46 percent of the vote in Nevada, shattering what many critics had been calling his “ceiling”.
After a bruising 2012 primary season, GOP leaders sought to tip the system even more in favor of the front-runner.
The New Hampshire primary has traditionally reshaped the presidential field. And it provides a glimpse into how candidates may perform later in the northeast.
What the results of Tuesday’s primaries mean for John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and the other candidates.