Still strongly opposed

A steadfast group of party elders and members of the GOP establishment has maintained its opposition to Trump, even after he clinched the party’s nomination.

George H.W. Bush

Former president

May 4, 2016

A spokesman, on whether he would endorse Trump: "At age 91, President Bush is retired from politics."

George W. Bush

Former president

May 4, 2016

An aide, on whether he would endorse Trump: "[Bush] does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign."

Jeb Bush

Former opponent, former Fla. governor

May 6, 2016

"He has not displayed a respect for the Constitution. And he is not a consistent conservative. These are all reasons why I cannot support his candidacy."

Susana Martinez

N.M. governor

May 25, 2016

In a statement from a spokesman: "The Governor will not be bullied into supporting a candidate until she is convinced that candidate will fight for New Mexicans."

Lindsey Graham

Former opponent, senator from S.C.

May 6, 2016

In a statement: "I absolutely will not support Hillary Clinton for President. I also cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump because I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as commander in chief."

Mitt Romney

Former presidential nominee

March 3, 2016

"Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud."

Carlos Curbelo

Congressman from South Florida

March 24, 2016

"I have already said I will not support Mr. Trump. That is not a political decision. That is a moral decision."

From opposition to uncertainty

Ted Cruz was one of the last GOP presidential candidates to suspend his campaign, but the senator from Texas still hasn’t come around to fully embracing Trump.

Ted Cruz

Former opponent, senator from Tex.

May 3, 2016

"This man is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth."

May 10, 2016

"The voters in the primary seem to have made a choice. . . . We’ll see what happens as the months go forward. I think we need to watch and see what the candidates say and do."

From opposition to support

A growing number of prominent Republicans who once opposed Trump have decided to wholeheartedly endorse the presumptive nominee and back his unconventional style.

Ben Carson

Former opponent, former neurosurgeon

Jan. 27, 2016

"I haven’t heard a lot of policy from Mr. Trump. I hope that we will hear more policy."

March 11, 2016

"There’s two Donald Trumps. There’s the Donald Trump that you see on television and who gets out in front of big audiences, and there’s the Donald Trump behind the scenes. They’re not the same person. One’s very much an entertainer, and one is actually a thinking individual."

Chris Christie

Former opponent, New Jersey governor

Jan. 4, 2016

"We are not electing an entertainer in chief. Showmanship is fun, but it’s not the type of leadership that will truly change America."

Feb. 26, 2016

"I will lend my support between now and November in any way for Donald."

John Boehner

Former House speaker

July 9, 2015

"I disagree with Mr. Trump’s comments and, frankly, I think political presidential candidates, they’ve all pretty much made their positions clear."

May 12, 2016

"Donald Trump is the nominee, whether people like it or not."

John McCain

Senator from Ariz., former presidential nominee

Jan. 21, 2016

"I've definitely decided that I won't endorse in this race."

May 8, 2016

"You have to listen to people who have chosen the nominee of our Republican Party."

From uncertainty to support, sort of

The Trump train may have left the station, but not everyone in the party is completely onboard. A number of Republicans, including those in tough reelection fights in which Trump’s policies and fiery style could be a liability, have been willing to support the party’s nominee but without enthusiastically embracing him.

Paul Ryan

House speaker, from Wis.

May 5, 2016

"I'm just not ready to do that at this point. I'm not there right now."

June 2, 2016

"It’s a question of how to move ahead on the ideas that I — and my House colleagues — have invested so much in through the years. . . . Donald Trump can help us make [them] a reality."

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Congresswoman from Wash. state, chair of the House Republican Conference

May 5, 2016

"Before I endorse him, I would like to have a conversation with him. I would like to ask him questions about some of the statements he’s made."

May 19, 2016

"Did I cast my ballot with enthusiasm? Not exactly. I'm still getting to know Mr. Trump, like so many others."

Chuck Grassley

Senator form Iowa, Judiciary Committee chair

July 29, 2015

On whether Trump has the humility to connect with Iowans: I’ve had private meetings with Donald Trump, and I think the answer to that is yes.

May 4, 2016

"I know what the Obama administration has done to the economy and to the middle class and stuff like that. And I don’t think the people want more of that."

Elise Stefanik

N.Y. congresswoman

Jan. 25, 2016

"I don't agree with everything that every candidate has said. I've certainly pointed out certain statements by Mr. Trump, especially related to not allowing Muslims into the country. I don't think that's who we are. That's not according to our constitutional principles."

May 5, 2016

"Like my Democratic opponent, I will support my party's nominee in the fall."

Kelly Ayotte

Senator from N.H.

July 22, 2015

"I don't support what he has done, and I don't think he will be our nominee. So I don't think I'll have to worry about supporting him."

May 4, 2016

A campaign spokeswoman: "As she's said from the beginning, Kelly plans to support the nominee. . . . As a candidate herself, she hasn't and isn't planning to endorse anyone in this cycle."

Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader, from Ky.

April 18, 2016

"I'm increasingly optimistic that there actually may be a second ballot."

May 4, 2016

"I have committed to supporting the nominee chosen by Republican voters, and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, is now on the verge of clinching that nomination."

The earliest converts

A handful of conservative GOP lawmakers backed Trump before it was clear he would lock down the nomination.

Chris Collins

N.Y. congressman, tied for earliest House backer

Feb. 24, 2016

"We need a chief executive, not a chief politician."

Duncan Hunter

Calif. congressman, tied for earliest House backer

Feb. 24, 2016

"We don't need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as president."

Jeff Sessions

Senator from Alabama, earliest Senate backer

Feb. 28, 2016

"In my best judgment, at this time in America's history, we need to make America great again."

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