Day 1: Monday, July 25

‘United Together’

The day’s activities are expected to begin at 4 p.m. Speakers earlier on the program will include union presidents and members of the platform committee. The evening will be divided into a series of speeches on family and economic issues, including substance abuse, immigration reform and LGBT rights. A list of those speakers is below. Two of the party’s progressive icons, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Clinton’s primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, will take the stage to end the night.

After 7 p.m.

Pam Livengood

Substance abuse activist

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

New Hampshire senator. Related: 2015: Why a U.S. senator is trying to put a woman’s face on the $20 bill

Sen. Jeff Merkley

Oregon senator

8 p.m.

Francisca and Karla Ortiz

A mother in the country illegally, and her daughter, a U.S. citizen.

Astrid Silva

Immigration activist. Related: For Astrid Silva, a presidential shout-out

Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Illinois congressman

Jason and Jarron Collins

Professional basketball players

Jesse Lipson

Founder, ShareFile

State Sen. Pat Spearman

Nevada state senator

Senator Bob Casey

Pennsylvania senator

Luke Feeney

Chillicothe, OH mayor

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

New York senator. Related: Gillibrand in 2013: I’m on the Hillary Clinton 2016 ‘bandwagon’

Sen. Al Franken

Minnesota senator. Related: Decades after ‘SNL,’ Sen. Al Franken still has zingers

Anastasia Somoza

Disability rights activist

Eva Longoria


Sen. Cory Booker

New Jersey senator. Related: Sen. Cory Booker of N.J. remains under VP consideration for Clinton

Cheryl Lankford

10 p.m.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III

Massachusetts congressman

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts senator. Related: Will liberals be upset with Tim Kaine?

Rep. Keith Ellison

Minnesota congressman

Day 2: Tuesday, July 26

‘A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families’

The roll call vote will take place Tuesday, along with a speech from former president, and potential first spouse, Bill Clinton. The night will also include parents whose children were killed by gun violence and in police shootings. Activities are expected to begin at 4 p.m.

4 p.m.

Sen. Tom Harkin

Former Iowa senator

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Kentucky secretary of state. Related: Bernie Sanders asks for recanvass of Kentucky primary vote

5 p.m.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Virginia governor. Related: So what exactly is Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe being investigated for?

7 p.m.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

California congresswoman and House minority leader. Related: Nancy Pelosi brings A-listy celebs to the Dem convention

Jason Carter

Former state senator

Thaddeus Desmond

Child advocate social worker

Dynah Haubert

Lawyer who works for a disability rights organization

Kate Burdick

Staff attorney at the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia

Anton Moore

President and founder of Unity in the Community

Dustin Parsons

Fifth grade teacher in Arkansas

Daniele Mellot

Mother who adopted her son through the 1997 Adoption and Safe Families Act

Jelani Freeman

Lawyer who formerly interned in Hillary Clinton's Senate office

Donna Brazile

Democratic National Committee Vice Chair of Voter Registration and Participation

Eagle Academy Principal and Students

Eric Holder

Former U.S. Attorney General

Cameron McLay

Pittsburgh Chief of Police

Tony Goldwyn


‘Mothers of the Movement’

Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland. Related: Lowery: An African-American mother, one of many, grappling with her son’s violent death

Cecile Richards

President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund

America Ferrerra and Lena Dunham


Steve Benjamin

Mayor of Columbia, S.C.

Sen. Barbara Boxer

California senator. Related: Boxer exits, setting stage for epic California Senate battle

Joe Sweeney

Detective with the NYPD on September 11, 2001.

Lauren Manning

Author, entrepreneur, businesswoman and one of the most severely injured survivors of September 11.

Rep. Joseph Crowley

New York congressman

Ryan Moore

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Minnesota senator

Ima Matul

Sex trafficking survivor and advocate

Madeleine Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State

10 p.m.

President Bill Clinton

Husband of Hillary Clinton. Related: Ready for prime time: The Barack, Bill, Hillary and Bernie show

Day 3: Wednesday, July 27

‘Working Together’

The third night of the convention will feature both the sitting president and vice president, as well as the party’s vice-presidential nominee. Other speakers include survivors of mass shootings and family members of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Activities are expected to begin at 4 p.m. The speaker schedule beginning at 6 p.m. is below.

6 p.m.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan

New Mexico congressman, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Civil rights activist . Related: One-on-one with the Rev. Jesse Jackson

Star Jones

Former “The View” co-host

Karen Weaver

Flint, Mich. mayor

Rep. G.K. Butterfield

North Carolina congressman, Congressional Black Caucus chairman

Stephanie Schriock

Pro-choice activist, EMILY’s List president. Related: Why Emily’s List is spending big to defeat a progressive Democrat

Sen. Harry Reid

Nevada senator and democratic leader. Related: The Harry Reid Mad Lib you have been waiting for

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

California lieutenant governor

Rep. Ruben Gallego

Arizona congressman

Jamie Dorff

Widow of Army helicopter pilot killed in northern Iraq

Mike Duggan

Detroit mayor

Governor Martin O'Malley

Former Maryland governor. Related: O’Malley suspends presidential bid after a dismal showing in Iowa

Sigourney Weaver


Lee Daniels


Christine Leinonen, Brandon Wolf and Jose Arraigada

Mother of Orlando nightclub attack victim, with two survivors. Related: The lives lost in Orlando

Sen. Chris Murphy

Connecticut senator. Related: Chris Murphy: ‘Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS’

Erica Smegielski

Daughter of school principal killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, gun control activist. Related: Convention shows how Democrats have learned to love gun control

Charles Ramsey

Former Philadelphia police commissioner. Related: Former top cop: America is ‘sitting on a powder keg’

Angela Bassett


Felicia Sanders and Polly Sheppard

Survivors of South Carolina church shooting. Related: Remembering the Charleston church shooting victims

Rep. Gabby Giffords

Former Arizona congresswoman, with her husband, Captain Mark Kelly. Related: Giffords: Orlando and Jo Cox’s death show the horrors of gun violence

Ret. Rear Adm. John Hutson

Retired U.S. Navy rear admiral

Ret. Capt. Kristen Kavanaugh

Former Marine captain and military diversity activist

Leon Panetta

Former congressman and secretary of defense. Related: Panetta clashed with CIA over memoir, tested agency review process

Dr. Jill Biden

Wife of Vice President Biden

10 p.m.

Kasim Reed

Atlanta mayor

Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City mayor

Sen. Tim Kaine

Virginia senator and vice-presidential nominee. Related: Clinton and Kaine debut the Democratic ticket in Florida

Sharon Belkofer

Mother of Army lieutenant colonel who was killed in Afghanistan.

Day 4: Thursday, July 28

‘Stronger Together’

Clinton will take the stage on the final night of the convention, following an introduction from her daughter, Chelsea. Other speakers include basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabar, actress Chloë Grace Moretz and two Republicans who will endorse voting for Clinton. Activities are expected to begin at 4 p.m. The speaker schedule beginning at 6 p.m. is below.

6 p.m.

Rep. James Clyburn

South Carolina congressman

Marlon Marshall

State political director, Clinton campaign

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

California congresswoman and House minority leader. Related: Nancy Pelosi brings A-listy celebs to the Dem convention

Lorella Praeli

Latino vote director, Clinton campaign

Rep. Joaquin Castro

Texas congressman

Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York governor

Rep. Tim Ryan

Ohio congressman

Governor John Hickenlooper

Colorado governor. Related: Clinton meets with Warren, Castro, Hickenlooper as part of VP search

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen

Actor and actress

Henrietta Ivey

Minimum wage activist

Dave Wills

Eighth-grade teacher

Beth Mathias

Ohio woman who works two jobs

Jensen Walcott and Jake Reed

Walcott was fired from her job after she asked why she was paid 25 cents less than Reed.

Governor Jennifer Granholm

Former Michigan governor

Doug Elmets

Former Reagan administration staffer

Jennifer Pierotti Lim

U.S. Chamber of Commerce director of health policy

Sheriff Lupe Valdez

Dallas sheriff

Jennifer Loudon, Wayne Walker, Wayne Owens and Barbara Owens

Family members of fallen police officers

Rev. William Barber

North Carolina civil rights activist

Kareem Abdul-Jabar

Former professional basketball player. Related: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Every GOP candidate is wrong about political correctness

Khizr Khan

Mother of deceased soldier

Rep. Ted Lieu

California congressman

Ret. Gen. John Allen

Retired Marine general, former ISAF commander, and U.S. forces commander in Afghanistan. Related: Obama administration’s envoy to anti-Islamic State coalition to resign

Ret. Capt. Florent Groberg

Retired Army captain

Rep. Xavier Becerra

California congressman, chairman of House Democratic Caucus. Related: The story behind Congress’s dueling intern selfies

10 p.m.

Chelsea Clinton

Daughter of Clinton. Related: Chelsea Clinton gives birth to second child, son Aidan

Hillary Clinton

Former secretary of state and senator. Presidential nominee. Related: Clinton’s challenge will be to balance a hopeful tone with an argument for change

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