Leaning Dem.


Leaning GOP

Awaiting final results
Clinton's total


from Wash., Vt., R.I., Ore., N.Y., N.J., Md., Mass., Ill., Hawaii, Del., D.C., Conn., Calif., Va., Nev., N.M., Minn., Maine, Colo., N.H.

Mich. 16

Trump's total


from Wyo., W. Va., Tenn., S.D., S.C., Okla., Neb., N.D., Mont., Miss., La., Ky., Kan., Idaho, Ark., Ala., Utah, Tex., Ohio, Mo., Ind., Iowa, Ga., Alaska, Ariz., Wis., Pa., Maine Dist. 2, N.C., Fla.

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Election results

Democrats are trying to win their third presidential election in a row and retain the White House after a two-term Democratic president for the first time since the mid-19th century.

The 2016 election, in graphics

A curated collection of the visual stories published throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, from the primaries to election day.