Here are the House Republicans who forced Trump to pull the health-care bill

For a tally of positions on the July 13 version of the Senate health-care bill, go to this page. The whip count below shows House Republicans’ first attempt to pass a health-care bill. A different version of that bill later passed and moved onto the Senate.

House Republican leaders pulled their health-care reform package from consideration Friday just before the expected vote. Amid last-minute negotiations, a collection of amendments was added to the bill to coax support from both conservatives and moderates who had expressed reservations, but it became clear to leadership that there still weren’t enough votes.

The White House at first demanded a vote take place Friday, despite enough Republicans still publicly opposing the bill for it to fail. Assuming no Democrats would support the measure, Republicans could lose no more than 22 votes to pass the bill and send it to a much tougher test in the Senate.

Below is a list of Republicans who had opposed or expressed serious concerns about the legislation leading up to Friday afternoon. Click on their name to learn more about their position.

Sources: Lawmaker statements and news reports. Published March 23, 2017.

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