This election has been a rollercoaster of emotions, hasn't it? Our new Facebook Messenger bot allows you to track how your feelings change in this last stretch of the election and even compare them to others—putting focus on the emotional, not political, spectrum. If you want to explain why you're feeling that way, you can do that too. Feels shares the best responses anonymously the next morning.

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At the end of the election, we’ll give you a recap of how you felt. Think of it as your election diary.

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What will the Post do with my responses?

The Post will share the best responses anonymously with readers. We may use community responses for editorial purposes anonymously as well.

How many messages will I get?

We‘ll message you each night at 7 p.m. EST to see how you’re feeling, then message you in the morning to show you how you compared to our other responders.

Who’s reading my responses?

We have a small editorial team looking at responses to share with the community, and a few others looking at responses to pass on to the newsroom.

Are there any rules?

We won’t accept posts with vulgar language or personal attacks. Here’s a link to our community and discussion guidelines.