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What young America wants

On Inauguration Day, we asked those ages 18 to 35 who flooded the nation’s capital in support — and in protest — of the new president what their hopes were for the next four years.

Photography by Marvin Joseph

“I am looking to see people sitting on their butts getting up, working, and creating a better economy for our children.”

Bevelyn Beatty, 25


“I’m particularly nervous about what the Trump administration is going to mean for people like me who are queer and transgender.”

Emmett Green, 22

Vienna, Va.

“Abortion rights ... I was almost aborted. I'm not even mad.”

Zak Spears, 22


“I just want to see everything settle. I think it’s stupid that people are creating a divide.”

Dominic Morretta, 19

Northern Virginia

“I’m definitely here to see control on refugees.”

Conor Strongreen 22, Aidan Strongreen, 18

Breezy Point, N.Y.

“I wish the president-elect would … just be civil.”

Jacob, 21, Andrew Shiman, 17

Bethesda, Md.

“At this point, I would just like to see the least amount of damage happen.”

Jimi Lucid, 23

The District

“I want to see us supporting Trump because it’s your job to support your president.”

Jason Aristizabal, 18

“We need to be consistently upset and appalled and active no matter how increasingly absurd [the Trump presidency] becomes.”

Tom Faison, 22

The District

“I would hope for a better America in general.”

Mariam Abdou, 18


“I think within the next four, eight years ...  we’ll be ready to have a responsible voting process to where we can choose the right person to run our country.”

Taylor Korzeniewski, 25

The District

“I would love to get rid of welfare and for many more people to have jobs.”

Jessica Leclere, 28

New York City

“Health care is a huge thing. … Being rich shouldn’t make your life longer.”

Joe Cox, 31


“For myself, graduate from college, get a job.”

Gabriel O’Donnell, 18

Reston, Va

“I just hope that we reinvoke the spirit of 1776.”

Vjekoslav Grgas, 30


“I would like to see unity amongst the people.”

Jarohn Tolbert, 22


“Our security is the biggest thing. We don’t have anything if we don’t have [that].”

Matthew Hull, 28

Frederick, Md.

“The right to choose. Making sure that we continue to hold law enforcement accountable for the way people of color are treated in our nation.”

Zoe Gould, 24, Madison Graboyes, 27

Philadelphia, Pa.

“I want there to be an end to conversion therapy.”

Cat McCarthy, 30

Buffalo, N.Y.

“I’d like to see a continuation of environmental protection. I’m very worried that in Trump's America, that’s going to be thrown on back burner.”

Sean O'Keeffe, 27


“I’d like to see a tighten up on immigration.”

Steven Ballentine, 21

Sterling, Va.

“I would like to see reforms all around with marijuana and health care and everything.”

Ben West, 21

Bel Air, Md.

“Stop regulating the hell out of us.”

Roy A. Strawsburg, 28

“No matter who you voted for, I think we’re going to be fine.”

Ali Palmer, 19, Emma Scandole, 20, Carly Marshall, 19

Boston, New York, Maryland

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