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  • “I can only tell you one thing -- again, that was proven today: no collusion. There's no collusion. There's no collusion. And there hasn't been collusion. And it was all a big hoax, and you know it. It was done and stated by the Democrats.”

    Fact Check:

    There's no evidence that the special counsel investigation is a witch hunt or a hoax. In fact, the special counsel has revealed significant criminal activity by some of Trump's campaign advisers and by Russian individuals and entities. The investigation into potential collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign continues, and no conclusions have been announced.

  • “We lost, over the last number of years, almost $800 billion a year on trade.”

    Fact Check:

    The U.S. had a $566 billion trade deficit in 2017, when goods and services are counted. But Trump only counts trade in goods. In any case, countries do not make or lose money on trade deficits. The trade deficit widened even more in 2018, contrary to Trump's claims that he has reduced it.

  • “We're building a lot of wall right now. It's started. A lot of people are saying, "Well, gee, you took down wall and you're building new." Well, we took down wall that almost didn't exist.”

    Fact Check:

    No, Trump’s wall is not yet being built. Congress inserted specific language in its appropriations bill that none of the $1.57 billion appropriated for border protection may be used for prototypes of a concrete wall that Trump observed while in California. The money can be used only for bollard fencing and levee fencing, or for replacement of existing fencing. The same restrictions were included in the spending bill Trump signed on Feb. 15, 2019. Trump appears to acknowledge the renovations, except he persists in claiming it is a wall.

  • “With all of the things we've done with the tax cuts -- the biggest in the history of our country -- tax cuts.”

    Fact Check:

    Trump’s tax cut amounts to nearly 0.9 percent of the gross domestic product, meaning it is far smaller than President Ronald Reagan’s tax cut in 1981, which was 2.89 percent of GDP. Trump’s tax cut is the eighth largest tax cut — and even smaller than two tax cuts passed under Barack Obama.

  • “The Economy and Unemployment are the best ever, Military and Vets are great - and many other successes!”

    Fact Check:

    The president can certainly brag about the state of the economy, but he runs into trouble when he makes a play for the history books. By just about any important measure, the economy today is not doing as well as it did under Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson or Bill Clinton — or Ulysses S. Grant.

  • “Democrats will have a unanimous vote on a 20% issue in opposing Republican Senators tomorrow. The Dems are for Open Borders and Crime!”

    Fact Check:

    Democrats generally do not advocate for illegal immigration, let alone people pouring over the border. Many Democrats support immigration controls and tougher border security measures, just not Trump's wall.

  • “African-American -- and you've heard me say this many times -- Hispanic American, Asian American unemployment rates are at their all-time historic lows.”

    Fact Check:

    The black and Hispanic unemployment rates have been calculated only since 1972, so it's an exaggeration to say the current numbers are the lowest in history. The U.S. jobless rate for Asians has been around for less than 20 years. Although the black unemployment rate was at an all-time-low 5.9 percent in May 2018, it had bounced back up to 6.8 percent in January 2019. That was still significantly higher than the overall unemployment rate of 4 percent. Hispanic and Asian unemployment has also rebounded.

  • “We've lost so much money with China, $500 billion a year. … It's $507 billion a year. China, just one country. We lose with everybody, almost. But China's one country: $507 billion for many years.”

    Fact Check:

    The U.S. trade deficit in goods and services in 2017 with China was $335 billion. Trump often just cites the goods deficit, which was $375 billion, according to the Census Bureau. In any case, countries do not make or lose money on trade deficits.

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