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  • “There was no collusion. There was never any collusion.”

    Fact Check:

    The special counsel investigation into potential collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign and obstruction of justice continues, and no conclusions have been announced.

  • “To help American products compete and win all around the world, we passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.”

    Fact Check:

    Trump’s tax cut was nearly 0.9 percent of the gross domestic product, meaning it would be far smaller than President Ronald Reagan’s tax cut in 1981, which was 2.89 percent of GDP. Trump’s tax cut, if enacted in law, would be the eighth largest tax cut — and even smaller than two tax cuts passed under Barack Obama.

  • “We're having a stock market like just about they've never had before. Ever before. We've picked up... Piers, we've picked up $8 trillion in value during the course of 12 months...”

    Fact Check:

    This is a flip-flop for Trump. Before he was elected, he dismissed the stock-market performance under Obama as “artificial” and “a bubble." Moreover, the U.S. rise in 2017 was not unique. When looking at the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, it’s clear U.S. stocks haven’t rallied as robustly as their foreign equivalents. Moreover, with each 1,000-level increase, the accomplishment gets increasingly less impressive.

  • “The African-American unemployment rate has hit the lowest level ever recorded in the history of our country.”

    Fact Check:

    The black and Hispanic unemployment rates have been calculated only since 1972, so it's an exaggeration to say the current numbers are the lowest in history. The U.S. jobless rate for Asians has been around for less than 20 years. Although the black unemployment rate was at an all-time-low 5.9 percent in May, it had risen to 6 percent in September. That was still significantly higher than the overall unemployment rate of 3.7 percent.

  • “We have really helped rebuild China. … They've been taking out an average of $500 billion dollars, billion, a year, for many years.”

    Fact Check:

    Trump regularly complains about the trade deficit with China, saying it is $500 billion. But it was $310 billion in 2016. The goods deficit in 2017 was $375 billion, the number that Trump is citing here, but that will most likely be lower when the trade in services figure is calculated.

  • “And if you look at U.S. Steel and Nucor -- Nucor just announced a billion-dollar plant -- brand new.”

    Fact Check:

    Nucor announced its plan to invest in February of 2017. In other words, they announced it well over a year ago — well before Trump announced steel tariffs. There is no evidence of a planned $750 million investment. Nucor did announce plans to build a $240 million dollar plant.

  • “Take a look at what we're doing with NATO, where for many years they're not paying their bills. Now they're paying their bills and nobody talks about it.”

    Fact Check:

    NATO’s guideline, established in 2006, is that defense expenditures should amount to 2 percent of each country’s gross domestic product. Defense spending has increased since Trump became president. But the money would not be going to the United States or even necessarily to NATO; this is money that countries would spend to bolster their own military, not any "reimbursement" or "pay bills."

  • “Under Republican leadership, America is booming like never before, because we are finally putting America first.”

    Fact Check:

    Trump can be pleased with the state of the economy but calling it the “greatest ever” goes way too far, as it can’t top the late 1990s or the stellar growth in parts of the 1940s, 1960s and 1980s, according to key data. Wage growth is also disappointing compared with what it was in prior boom times, and the deficit has also surged, which experts warn could be a drag on the economy for years to come. Plus, many of the current economic trends began under {the Obama administration}.

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