Donald Trump took the oath of office Friday at the West Front of the Capitol, becoming the the nation’s 45th president.

President Barack Obama delivers his inaugural address in 2009. (Jonathan Newton/ The Washington Post)

Donald Trump takes the oath of office Friday administered by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. (Alex Wong, Getty Images)

Trump was administered the oath by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. His wife, Melania Trump, stood at his side. The oath was given using two Bibles — one from Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration and another that Trump’s mother gave him in 1955.

Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president in 2009. (The Washington Post)

Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president on Jan. 20. (Justin Lane/European Pressphoto Agency.

Trump’s inauguration has been a more subdued ceremony, drawing smaller crowds than previous inaugurations.

Crowds look toward the Capitol during the first inauguration of Barack Obama. (Emily Barnes/Getty Images)

A helicopter flies above attendees as they line in the Mall during Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies. | (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Two things can make a crowd-size image misleading: a low angle and a long distance. Even the inauguration images from as high as the Washington Monument are misleading over the 15-block Mall. The satellite image from 2009 – the last inauguration that wasn’t a cloudy day – reveals empty spaces in the crowd that was estimated to be 1 million people.

A satellite image of Barack Obama’s first inauguration. (GeoEye)

Crowd on the National Mall on January 20, 2009, during President Obama’s first inauguration. (Susan Walsh, AP)

Spectators on the National Mall in front of the U.S. Capitol during the inauguration of Donald Trump. (Alex Wong/ Getty Images)

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Laura Bush during the first Obama inauguration. (Marvin Joseph/ The Washington Post)

Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama stand on the steps of the Capitol. (Rob Carr/ Reuters)

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on their way to the White House in 2009. (Alex Brandon/ AP)

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump walk back into the Capitol after inauguration ceremonies. (Jim Watson/ AFP)

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