Palestinian attacks against Israelis

The attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis often appear to be spontaneous and opportunistic. Many are undertaken by young, unmarried Palestinians. The most common weapon used is a kitchen knife. The second most common is the family car. Here are the attacks of each type since Oct. 1:


Attempted stabbings

Car attacks



Palestinian deaths during clashes with Israeli forces

Meanwhile, Palestinian protests against Israel’s military occupation often result in deadly clashes. The majority of Palestinians killed in clashes were shot by Israeli forces firing live rounds or rubber-coated bullets.

If the death of an Israeli soldier or Jewish settler is what the Palestinian assailants seek, the attacks are often failures. Most victims survive, and many of the Israeli soldiers, who wear body armor, are only lightly wounded, if at all. The same is not true for the Palestinian attackers, who are often shot dead.

Palestinians were killed carrying out attacks against Israelis

Palestinians were shot by Israeli forces during clashes

Israelis were killed in attacks by Palestinians

Citizens of other countries, including two American, were killed

List of incidents