Hamil R. Harris

            Hamil Harris is an awarding winning journalist who has been at the Washington Post since 1992. During his tenure he has written hundreds of stories about the people, government, faith and the communities in the Washington area.

Harris has chronicled the District government, the Million Man March, the Clinton White House, the Sept. 11 attack, the Sniper Attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the campaign of President Barack Obama and many other people and events.

Hamil is currently a multi-platform reporter on the Local Desk of the Washington Post where he writes a range of stories, shoots photos and produces videos for the print and online editions of the post. In addition Harris is part of the Breaking News that is often called upon to report on crime, natural disasters and a number of issues.

In 2006 Harris was on the team of reporters that published the series “Being a Black Man.” He also was the reporter on the video project that accompanied the series that won two Emmy Awards, the Casey Medal and the Peabody Award.

         Harris has lectured at Georgetown, George Washington University, Howard University, the American University, the University of Maryland and the University of the District of Columbia. He also lectures several times of year to the interns part of the Washington semester at the Consortium of Christian Colleges and Universities.