What are your thoughts? Post in the comments.

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments.

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments.

What are you reading this summer?

Can we have a civil discussion about civil discussion? Thanks in advance.

Suggestions, encouragements, referrals? Thanks in advance.

Anyone game to crowd-source a supply of interesting, full lives?

A sign of the times.

If one spouse offers to have kids for the other, is it selfish to say yes?

Share your advice for getting through this moment, and maybe finding grandparent-esque relationships through other means.

"...Can you help this burned out single mom of a high-energy 4-year-old? Here is the link to the discussion exchange. The question was: "I have a really high energy 4 year old and it takes a lot of my energy, both mental and physical, to keep up with her. I'm a single mom. And every time I think about the weekend this week, I just think...I don't wanna."

A comment from the past is haunting the present.

Share what you’ve done to help friends who have withdrawn into depression, and also to deal with the painful limits on your ability to help.

Is the standard trope about girls stealing french fries for real?

When you've lost a child, basic small talk can feel like a minefield.

How to keep a conversation hog in check when exclusion is too cruel an option?

How to be thoughtful on Mother's Day towards a sister who's had trouble conceiving?

How can a mother help her daughter with a decision when she has no personal experience to draw from?

After a dramatic weight loss, how to shake off the negative feelings about gaining new attention from those who previously ignored her?

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