Federal officials simplify policy to bolster protection against covid-19 — and catch up with unilateral moves by states

But first they'd have to pass new vision, dental and hearing benefits in their social spending bill.

Sept. 15 is their deadline for putting details to a massive, health-heavy social spending bill.

In an interview, Francis Collins said we're in a "world of trouble."

The requirement -- which might also hit hospitals in the future -- is sparking fears that workers will leave.

The former CDC director talked with The Health 202 about this pandemic and how to prevent future ones.

Teachers unions are largely on board, but other unions worry about ceding power to employers.

Roubein will author The Post’s daily morning tipsheet examining the complexities and key story lines dominating the health-care debate in Washington.

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But lawmakers working on the massive budget reconciliation package have many health-related priorities.

But parents largely aren't on board with vaccine mandates for kids.

The FDA is expected to approve the vaccines for young kids and issue full approval for adults and teens.

The vaccines still work but officials are admitting we need more data.

The HHS inspector general will peer into how Aduhelm was approved.

In contrast, an overwhelming majority of vaccinated adults said getting infected with covid-19 is a bigger health risk than the vaccine.

The president had harsh words for GOP governors who are banning masks.

Reps. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) and Fred Upton (R-Mich.) say their Cures 2.0 bill would help modernize biomedical research and boost pandemic preparedness.

Human behavior adds an unpredictable variable to covid-19 forecasts.

Schoolchildren this fall need proof of more than half a dozen vaccines — the covid shot is not among them.

The CDC has the data, but hasn't released it yet even as people scorn a return to masking.

Don't try this budgetary tactic at home.

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