It's one of several incremental actions on health care that could happen this session.

The deputy CBO director answered a lot of them with 'it depends.'

The House Budget Committee will examine what it would take to start such a system.

The exemption had been a rare point of agreement.

'Our employers are not calling for Uncle Sam,' said the head of the American Benefits Council.

Actress Glenn Close is teaming up with Sens. Roy Blunt and Debbie Stabenow.

The state is daring the courts to block its near-total abortion ban.

They're including Obamacare measures Republicans are promising to oppose.

The investigation is just one of many ways House Democrats are probing the executive branch.

A pair of lawmakers introduced a bill to sell "Eye Bonds" for advancing hard-to-fund blindness research.

But the White House calls that 'disruptive.'

There's an event today at the White House.

They're likely to be overturned by the courts.

The rates are especially troubling for African Americans.

The House is also planning a vote on the subject.

It's all about 'conscience protections.'

Medicare-for-all advocates should take note.

It's the other big news on the Hill today.

Witnesses aren't necessarily champions of a single-payer system.

Medicare's Part D is the big question.

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