People are more willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a governor within their own party.

Federal investigators found most facilities have violated federal guidelines at least once.

Research finds stay-at-home orders made a big difference, but not school closings.

The biotech company hasn’t even given a full report on the first phase of several clinical trials.

The civil liberties group says they would especially harm service-sector workers.

Rick Bright warned the process could take longer than 18 months.

A new site rating states’ progress combating coronavirus shows 30 states are making progress.

A preliminary study finds that Abbott’s ID NOW test, which can detect the coronavirus in as little as five minutes, missed between a third and 48 percent of samples detected by a diagnostic tool made by Cepheid.

This includes governors in red and blue states.

The administration says testing three million people a week is sufficient for reopening.

Some substance abuse treatment centers are being denied funding.

That is, if they’re able to meet while the virus still spreads.

Equipment, testing and staff shortages are plaguing Maryland nursing homes.

Covid-19 cases are growing at a faster rate in rural counties.

The plateau is real: Overall cases and deaths are holding steady and even growing in some states and counties.

About 20,000 people texted the hotline last month, compared with 1,790 texts in April 2019, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The pressure’s on to reopen as their economies get crushed.

Trump was obsessed with hydroxychloroquine. But there are promising trials for remdesivir.

But the hopes for “herd immunity” to stop the spread naturally are dim.

New Jersey and Oklahoma are rolling out saliva-based tests that are safer for medical workers.

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