The CDC operates a Do Not Board list to prevent people believed to be a public health risk from getting on planes.

The deputy CBO director answered a lot of them with 'it depends.'

The House Budget Committee will examine what it would take to start such a system.

Supreme Court Justice John Colangelo ruled that the parents of dead cadet Peter Zhu may use his sperm for “procreative purposes.”

The lawsuits challenge policy that protects health-care providers and insurers who deny services if they have religious or moral objections to them.

The exemption had been a rare point of agreement.

“This is a national movement of people who are nothing but charlatans, conspiracy theorists and people . . . spreading misinformation,” says New York official.

'Our employers are not calling for Uncle Sam,' said the head of the American Benefits Council.

The president said abortion should be legal following rape or incest — exceptions not allowed under Alabama’s new law.

New Yorker article explores how researchers are trying to deal with the aging vs. ailing quandary.

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Changing clinical practice also goes beyond integrating new information. It requires unlearning and de-adopting outdated, ineffective clinical practices.

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Compared with other cancer success stories, the disease historically has had a shortage of good news. Until recently, it hasn’t benefited from new treatments for decades.

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To do it with much younger friends at this stage of life is a gift I don’t take lightly.

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Several states have passed anti-abortion legislation this year. Here's a rundown of what it all means.

Actress Glenn Close is teaming up with Sens. Roy Blunt and Debbie Stabenow.

Democrats are using the health-care debate as a 2020 warm-up as Republicans accuse them of thwarting bipartisanship.

Judge threatens a contempt citation against HHS and the nonprofit that runs the transplant system.

West Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Iowa and Wisconsin are coordinating their efforts to seek compensation from the company, an official said.

The state is daring the courts to block its near-total abortion ban.

The judge said she acted to delay the rules until the Supreme Court could decide a related case.

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