Speculation about origin abounds as the lab-leak theory puts a spotlight on virological research.

A 30-year-old Eugene, Ore., program has reduced calls to law enforcement, helped people and saved money. Other parts of the country are now starting similar programs.

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The toll of the past year led to greater hardships and mental health issues for many. But research indicates others emerged stronger and more successful. Here’s why.

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At least 12 people and 33 other dogs are confirmed to have been exposed to the rabid dog.

Researchers used insurance data collected during routine health exams for 3.5 million young adults in South Korea between 2003 and 2004.

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Brain surgery for substance use disorder will never be common. But for those who face imminent death, Gerod Buckhalter’s success — he has been sober for more than 600 days — points to what may be possible someday.

The manufacturer of the bone repair product has recalled 154 containers of the material -- a malleable bone putty that is used in a variety of orthopedic procedures.

The Biden administration will invest $3.2 billion to find new antiviral drugs, modeling the investment after the one that helped stimulate development of drugs that transformed HIV.

For days, critics have blasted the approval in opinion columns and tweets, saying there is insufficient evidence of efficacy. Supporters have expressed confidence the drug, Aduhelm, will help patients stay in the earliest stages of the disease longer.

Experts say the doses are not dangerous, but their expiration means their effectiveness could be in question.

The trial in 10 countries in Latin America and Europe will continue, and a final result is not expected until the end of June. The CureVac vaccine is of key importance to Europe, which has preordered 225 million doses.

Ending masking and social distancing has led to an increase in common viruses among children who haven’t been exposed to them. RSV, a winter illness, is now on the rise, and some doctors are reporting increased hospitalizations.

Blood samples from volunteers show virus antibodies; researchers can’t rule out false positives.

Stephen Hahn joins Flagship Pioneering, which launched Moderna a decade ago and made billions from its coronavirus vaccine.

Resources include support groups, hotlines, nonprofits, self-care advice, exercise regimens and other family members.

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With mountains of boxes and bubble wrap from online pandemic shopping now going in the trash, Maine is trying to enact what is known as an extended producer responsibility program.

As recently as June 4, states with higher vaccination rates did not have significantly lower case rates than states where few people were vaccinated.

Vaccinated people were completely protected against severe and even moderate cases of illness by the two-shot regimen in a 30,000-person trial conducted when variants had begun to complicate the pandemic in the United States and Mexico.

As the covid death rate plummets in America and vaccinations soar, must the show go on?

A study also found the rate of death caused by falls in older adults more than doubled during the same time period. But more research is needed to understand why.

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