Military members half as likely as civilians to receive HPV vaccine

Active-duty military and veterans are twice as likely as civilians to develop cancers associated with human papillomavirus, or HPV.

By Erin BlakemoreMay 28, 2023

Exercise can cut women’s chances of getting Parkinson’s by 25 percent

The study found that as a woman’s exercise level increased, her risk for Parkinson’s decreased.

May 28, 2023

Baby Milo’s short life brought emotional stories of other parents struck by loss

For readers, Baby Milo’s story brought up memories of pregnancy loss, stillbirths and infants born with abnormalities who lived just minutes or maybe months.

By Frances Stead SellersMay 27, 2023

Indiana board fines doctor for discussing rape victim’s abortion

Indiana's medical licensing board reprimanded OB/GYN Caitlin Bernard and ordered her to pay a $3,000 fine for discussing a 10-year-old's abortion with a reporter.

By Kim Bellware and Dan Rosenzweig-ZiffMay 26, 2023

Tally of covid-19 cases after CDC conference climbs to 181

The meeting of disease detectives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drew 1,800 attendees.

By Lena H. SunMay 26, 2023

CDC reports second death linked to surgery in Mexico

The agency says a total of 224 people in the United States may be at risk of fungal meningitis following medical procedures at two clinics in the border city of Matamoros.

By Sabrina MalhiMay 25, 2023

A paralyzed man walks with brain and spine implants

Experimental devices implanted in a paralyzed man's brain and spine communicate wirelessly and enhance his ability to walk and climb stairs, a paper in Nature found.

By Daniel GilbertMay 24, 2023

Medical use of ketamine is surging. So are illicit forms of the drug.

As ketamine has become increasingly popular as a mental health treatment, U.S. authorities have dramatically increased seizures of illicit forms of the drug, new research shows.

By Daniel GilbertMay 24, 2023

China prepares for new wave of covid cases from XBB variants

As immunity from the last big wave of infections wanes with the new XBB coronavirus variants, China braces for a new surge of covid cases.

By Lily KuoMay 24, 2023

New overdose antidote approved, but concerns raised about cost, side effects

The drug Opvee joins a growing market of overdose-reversing medications at a critical juncture in the nation’s drug crisis.

By David OvalleMay 22, 2023

How to control your cholesterol and when to consider taking statins

The ideal cholesterol levels for you — and whether you rely on lifestyle measures alone or use medication as well — should be personalized, an expert says.

By Hallie LevineMay 22, 2023

What to know about the eyedrop recall linked to 4 deaths and vision loss

Four people have now died after being infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium linked to artificial-tears products that were recently recalled.

By Kelsey Ables and Marlene CimonsMay 22, 2023

Seniors are flooding homeless shelters that can’t care for them

Cities are building special shelters for older homeless people, and shelters are hiring trained staff to handle a wave of aging baby boomers.

By Christopher RowlandMay 22, 2023

Why there’s reason for optimism about girls, women and sports: A Q&A

A gap exists in the field of sports science surrounding female athletes, but author Christine Yu says things are changing.

By Amanda LoudinMay 22, 2023

Over 36,000 older people in the U.S. died in falls in 2020

The research found that fatal falls in the 65 and over age group had increased from 10,097 in 1999, and at a rate that more than doubled in about two decades.

May 22, 2023

Cardiovascular disease is poised to kill more older people

The No. 1 cause of death among people 65 and older disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic communities.

By Judith GrahamMay 21, 2023

There’s medicine to quiet his opioid cravings. Getting it can be hard.

One man's plight illustrates challenges faced by those with opioid addiction — especially people of color — in getting buprenorphine, an anti-addiction drug.

By David OvalleMay 21, 2023

Dengue too high in Puerto Rico, other U.S. territories, CDC says

Dengue, a virus transmitted by infected mosquitos, can lead to symptoms ranging from mild fever to shock or death.

By Erin BlakemoreMay 21, 2023

Mpox shows risk of a summer return

The World Health Organization declared the mpox global health emergency over, but health officials say gay and bisexual Americans should still be on alert.

By Fenit NirappilMay 19, 2023

Her baby has a deadly diagnosis. Her Florida doctors refused an abortion.

Halfway through the pregnancy, a routine ultrasound revealed the fetus had devastating abnormalities, pitching the couple into the uncharted landscape of Florida’s new abortion law.

By Frances Stead SellersMay 19, 2023