Physicians celebrated Trump's last-minute effort to loosen requirements they said hurt the opioid-crisis response. But the Biden administration said the plan was issued "prematurely."

The briefing illustrates a Biden promise that medical and other experts will speak to the public.

The change can be as simple as slapping a second mask over the one you already wear or, better, donning a fabric mask on top of a surgical mask.

Staff referred to agency as the ‘bank of BARDA’ and said research and development funds were regularly tapped for unrelated projects, from salaries to the removal of office furniture, the report finds.

How many doses of the vaccine will be available in your state?

The White House also told governors they will get 16 percent more doses starting next week because of increased manufacturing.

The U.K., South Africa and Brazil variants are highly transmissible and have sparked concerns that vaccines may be less effective against them.

The big December slowdown in vaccine distribution was a product of several problems for the vaccine makers and the Trump administration.

Actions on exchanges, Medicaid and abortion will be the president’s first steps on access to health care.

The reassuring news that vaccine-elicited antibodies remained effective against concerning new variants was tempered by an ominous finding. Those antibodies were less efficient at neutralizing the South African variant in a laboratory dish.

Susan Orsega would be among the first nurses to serve in the role of ‘the nation’s doctor.'

State health authorities said it involved a ‘resident with recent travel history to Brazil.’

The plan had been hailed by many physicians as loosening requirements they said had slowed their response to the opioid crisis. But legal experts said HHS lacked authority to issue the guidelines.

We are tracking 200 experimental vaccines aimed at ending the pandemic, a scientific quest moving at record-breaking speed.

These drug-related fatalities jumped by 18 percent from the previous year, with increases recorded in 46 states, according to the report.

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After nearly a year of derailed weddings, travel, reunions, a lack of certainty lingers. Experts offer ways to deal with planning limbo.

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It helped me through some wintertime angst. And the method can be applied to not only bad weather but also how we experience illnesses and other daily challenges.

Chemicals in dishwashing detergent, food preservatives and synthetic textiles could be overexciting the immune system, making it sensitive to nonthreatening foods.

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“I mean, why would you want to put yourself through that every day?” Birx said in a clip of her conversation with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’ “Face The Nation."

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