There’s a new variant of the coronavirus, known as omicron, and health officials, vaccine makers and others are worried that its high number of mutations could make it more transmissible and adept at evading the body’s immune defenses.

On Tuesday, the chief executive of the coronavirus vaccine maker Moderna predicted that existing vaccines might be much less effective against the omicron variant, spooking financial markets.

Although the omicron variant’s mutations have concerned scientists, who are quickly trying to learn all they can, much remains unknown. “It’s a complete black box,” one virologist told The Post.

What questions do you have? Three health and science reporters — Akilah Johnson, Fenit Nirappil and Joel Achenbach — and William Booth, the London bureau chief for The Post, answered your questions on Wednesday. All of them have been covering the coronavirus pandemic in different capacities since its earliest days.

Here are some of the questions they’ve answered so far:

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Teddy Amenabar, an editor on The Post’s audience team, produced this Q&A.