‘Rebound’ coronavirus cases: What to know after Biden tests positive again

President Biden listens during a meeting with CEOs on the White House complex in Washington on July 28, two days before testing positive for the coronavirus again in a “rebound” infection. (Susan Walsh/AP)
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President Biden is one of the latest patients to experience a “rebound” coronavirus infection following a course of Paxlovid, an antiviral used to treat people at risk of severe illness from covid-19.

Rebound cases, in which someone experiences symptoms or tests positive after completing the course of the medication and testing negative, have been described as rare, but some medical experts are saying they may be more common than previously thought.

Biden began his Paxlovid treatment shortly after testing positive. He emerged from isolation on Wednesday after he started testing negative, but the White House announced Saturday that he had again tested positive and was not experiencing symptoms.

Biden tests positive again for coronavirus after Paxlovid ‘rebound’

Here’s what to know about rebound cases of the coronavirus following Paxlovid treatment.