Experts say the doses are not dangerous, but their expiration means their effectiveness could be in question.

The trial in 10 countries in Latin America and Europe will continue, and a final result is not expected until the end of June. The CureVac vaccine is of key importance to Europe, which has preordered 225 million doses.

Ending masking and social distancing has led to an increase in common viruses among children who haven’t been exposed to them. RSV, a winter illness, is now on the rise, and some doctors are reporting increased hospitalizations.

Blood samples from volunteers show virus antibodies; researchers can’t rule out false positives.

Stephen Hahn joins Flagship Pioneering, which launched Moderna a decade ago and made billions from its coronavirus vaccine.

Resources include support groups, hotlines, nonprofits, self-care advice, exercise regimens and other family members.

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With mountains of boxes and bubble wrap from online pandemic shopping now going in the trash, Maine is trying to enact what is known as an extended producer responsibility program.

As recently as June 4, states with higher vaccination rates did not have significantly lower case rates than states where few people were vaccinated.

Vaccinated people were completely protected against severe and even moderate cases of illness by the two-shot regimen in a 30,000-person trial conducted when variants had begun to complicate the pandemic in the United States and Mexico.

As the covid death rate plummets in America and vaccinations soar, must the show go on?

A study also found the rate of death caused by falls in older adults more than doubled during the same time period. But more research is needed to understand why.

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Today in the U.S., about 1.2 million people are living with HIV, including more than half whose treatment has prevented the disease from progressing, the CDC says.

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An ENT doctor and his team are among thousands of researchers confronting the pandemic. They hope their work will provide a better way to fight covid-19.

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I learned the hard way it’s not smart of play doctor by deciding you don’t need your prescription drugs.

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Negative stereotypes persist across the board and the attitudes result in many Americans being blamed, teased, bullied, mistreated and discriminated against, causing real harm.

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Amanda Montell’s “Cultish” examines the use of language and life inside such movements.

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The verdict appears to mark the first time a jury has awarded damages in a case involving the destruction of eggs and embryos.

The Americans who have died of covid-19 in recent days and weeks passed away even as their families, friends and neighbors emerged from 15 months of isolation and fear.

The doses underwent a safety review after J&J shots were contaminated with AstraZeneca’s vaccine, prompting a plant shutdown.

Executives from Pfizer and Moderna have said that data showing whether their vaccines are effective in younger children are expected by fall.

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