Three women were arrested for encouraging dementia patients to fight and filming it, police say.

How to make smart choices and avoid complications.

Paul Farrell vows to make the opioid pill industry pay for what happened to Huntington.

A study finds working long hours at least 50 days a year is associated with higher stroke risks than with those who work less.

  • Linda Searing
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Nocturia can be a difficult issue to discuss because people often feel embarrassed bringing it up or are fearful of what might be wrong.

  • Marcos Del Rosario-Santiago
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Emerging science indicates that fathers play a more significant role in pregnancy outcomes than previously thought.

  • Judith Finlayson
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Those who could benefit from activity to avoid disabilities are told not to get up on their own: “They’re not letting me get up out of bed.”

  • Melissa Bailey
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Family members may need to block access to online bank accounts, shopping and social media.

  • Judith Graham
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A toddler’s puzzling regressions foreshadowed a devastating diagnosis.

Therapies, breathing exercises, anti-anxiety medication and cognitive behavioral treatment are among the methods to counter aviophobia.

  • Sarah Vander Schaaff
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The shifting concept of death is tracked, from the cessation of breathing to the end of brain activity, in an article for Scientific American.

  • Erin Blakemore
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The relapses are a disturbing new development in the ongoing national outbreak that has spread to every state except Alaska.

Judges echo lower-court opinion that Trump administration failed to consider people losing health coverage

Warnings about e-cigarettes have taken on new urgency in recent weeks as authorities scramble to understand a rash of mysterious vaping-linked illnesses that have put healthy people in the hospital with serious lung diseases.

The state of Ohio sought a delay, arguing the cities and counties that brought the lawsuits are usurping state authority.

Rules advise clinicians to be careful and deliberate in cutting dosages for people in chronic pain.

  • George Sargent
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You can’t avoid the tiny pieces. But small steps — such as drinking tap water, vacuuming and using nonplastic containers — will curtail the problem.

A report says a group of 26,047 youths ages 6 to 19 showed the improvements affecting their cardiovascular health from 1999 to 2016.

  • Linda Searing
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With no viable plan for replacing critical health benefits, the administration may seek to put off a Supreme Court hearing, officials say.

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