Doctors were stumped. Then a specialist 8,000 miles away ordered a revealing scan.

The surprising reason for her retching led a Los Angeles publicist to revamp her lifestyle.

Her fall off the bleachers during high school graduation triggered a search for answers.

A specialist’s blunt questions exposed the prolonged failure to diagnose and treat an elementary school principal for a disease that could have killed him.

Multiple rounds of antibiotics and other measures didn’t eradicate the unexpected source.

A bevy of specialists tried to help but seemed stymied by her symptoms — and their narrow focus.

At first, a Virginia woman was more exasperated than alarmed over her head-turning problem. The unusual cause was something none of her doctors had suspected.

After tripping over a dog and falling, an X-ray raised the prospect of cancer. So why had her intractable hip pain gotten better?

A client’s eagle-eyed examination spotted a critical clue that had been overlooked for years.

The 61-year-old sometimes feels angry about years of ineffective treatments. But he’s grateful that evolving medical knowledge spurred “a diagnosis that seems to make sense.”

Why multiple drugs and repeated treatments failed to stem a Virginia teacher’s alarming deterioration.

A toddler’s puzzling regressions foreshadowed a devastating diagnosis.

NIH physicians found his veins grossly enlarged and too stretchy — but they don’t know why or how to treat it. And they’ve never seen a similar case: He’s “a zebra among zebras.”

A woman’s persistence — and new doctors — found the real source of her strange pain.

A 45-year-old Idaho woman’s search for the elusive cause of her bleeding involved numerous tests. A belated scan revealed the terrifying reason.

Specialists were mystified until a surgeon uncovered the surprising link between her unrelenting itching and a decade-old event.

A 39-year-old real estate executive wasn’t sure the midnight ER trip was necessary. Without it, he might be dead.

After hearing a case study in class, Kimberly Ho was startled by the similar symptoms.

“I had never heard of it,” her mother said of the little girl’s surprising diagnosis. “Most people haven’t.”

“I knew something was really wrong,” Larry Weller says. He — not his doctors — requested a blood test that revealed the cause.

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