A woman’s “tipping point” spurred a fresh approach to the problem that dated back to high school.

An unfortunate combination of faulty assumptions and missed opportunities delayed a common diagnosis.

The duration of his burning pain, triggered by chemical smells, has baffled doctors.

Specialists feverishly tried to figure out why the 5-month-old stopped breathing.

An Oregon woman wishes she had known the truth sooner.

The 49-year-old had thought his persistent symptoms were no big deal.

Her anxiety left some doctors skeptical of a physical problem.

The unknown cause explained a tragic death that had occurred decades earlier.

Stuck in traffic, she discovered images on her phone that seemed to match her strange symptoms.

One surgeon’s open-mindedness led to a successful fix others had dismissed.

A brain scan prompted a wholesale reevaluation of this woman’s medical history dating back years.

Patients and doctors offer ways to avoid wrong turns in unsolved cases.

A New York handbag designer has struggled to cope with her confusing condition.

Her unusual diagnosis was followed by a long and rocky quest for effective treatment.

Doctors were stumped. Then a specialist 8,000 miles away ordered a revealing scan.

The surprising reason for her retching led a Los Angeles publicist to revamp her lifestyle.

Her fall off the bleachers during high school graduation triggered a search for answers.

A specialist’s blunt questions exposed the prolonged failure to diagnose and treat an elementary school principal for a disease that could have killed him.

Multiple rounds of antibiotics and other measures didn’t eradicate the unexpected source.

A bevy of specialists tried to help but seemed stymied by her symptoms — and their narrow focus.

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