“The reality is that the anticipated in-person experiences planned for this fall can’t and won’t meet the expectations of our students and their families.”

Google and other tech companies joined scores of universities in supporting a lawsuit challenging the rule, while state attorneys general filed a separate legal effort to overturn a requirement that international students take in-person classes despite the pandemic.

'As much as I wish to stay here and continue my pursuit, I am not given a choice and the opportunity is being stripped away from me, suddenly and systematically.'

The authors of this post argue that schooling is "imbued with pathologizing mindsets rooted in labeling, surveillance, and punishment, which criminalize black students."

Some law students are calling for an end to the test. Here's the argument — and what they want to replace it with.

College financial aid officers are contending with more pleas for help from families facing unemployment in the current public health and economic crisis.

Students studying here on visas are grappling with choices as they wonder whether the pandemic will again force classes fully online this fall.

The state’s attorney general challenged a ruling that would prohibit international students from taking online-only classes during the pandemic.

Daniel Willingham and Benjamin Riley argue that revolutionizing education as a response to the covid-19 pandemic is not what the country needs.

The complaint comes two days after immigration authorities announced that international students could not take only virtual classes this fall without risk of deportation, contrary to more flexible rules this spring as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that forced most schools online.

We can’t keep kids safe in school if we don’t know what safety means to them.

The faculty vote follows a similar resolution from student government leaders amid a national debate over race.

What states and districts are doing amid the coronavirus crisis.

Two black educators took Rhodes Scholars to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The scholars were shocked at how little they didn't know.

University officials scrambled Monday to adapt to new federal guidance that does not allow international students to stay in the country if they are taking classes online only.

Princeton will charge 10 percent less than it had previously announced. Harvard plans to teach all students remotely, regardless of where they live.

He made this and other comments in his divisive Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore.

Read the speech.

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