The Education Department launched an inquiry after Princeton University's president wrote earlier this month about efforts to combat racism on campus.

Still nearly half can't name the three branches of government. And more findings.

What to do -- and not do -- from two admissions experts.

From the News Literacy Project

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 48 state attorneys general secured a settlement with affiliates of Deutsche Bank to forgo collection of private student loans amassed by former ITT Tech students before the for-profit chain folded in 2016.

A list of fall opening plans during the coronavirus pandemic for 100 major universities, from every state in the country.

“As we plan for in-person instruction in the midst of a pandemic, what is striking is how little students will be coming back to,” they say.

The Education Department has rejected 94 percent of the debt relief claims it has processed since April from students who say they were defrauded by their colleges, putting a proposed settlement with the group in jeopardy.

A summer of protests over racism and a statue have challenged the university system, where alumni chant “Aggie traditions matter.”

The Post asked instructors from U.S. universities to share their advice for students in remote-learning courses.

Bad Internet, borrowing broadband and what it takes for some kids to learn remotely. The unique challenges of special education during the pandemic. And, the toxic side of positivity.

“We’re really nervous, anxious and scared,” a University of Alabama professor said after faculty were emailed not to share information about infections on campus.

An analysis of the problem, with some solutions.

Liberty is at a turning point: Will the school continue its huge success as measured by size, assets and political clout? Or will it return to the more rigorously religious priority of its revered televangelist founder, Jerry Falwell Sr.?

The model was created for rural schools in Colombia decades ago.

He told graduates to find purpose in their lives — not just a job. Here's the video and transcript of the speech.

It’s the education secretary’s newest effort to push school choice during the pandemic.

The Catholic university in Indiana says that the number of daily coronavirus cases is declining.

The president keeps repeating the claim. Here’s what the former vice president did say he would do.

Students are returning this month to campuses where they are expected to help police their peers and where a few people’s misbehavior could get everyone sent home.

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