Shared Voices program aims to help HBCU student performers grow

A new classical music student exchange will link four HBCUs, including Howard and Morgan State, with students and faculty at conservatories, including the Julliard School.

By Corinne DorseySeptember 30, 2022

Biden administration narrows eligibility for student debt cancellation

The Education Department had advised borrowers with Federal Family Education Loans or Perkins Loans that they could consolidate their debt into the federal Direct Loan program to qualify for student loan forgiveness. But that guidance has changed.

By Susan Svrluga and Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 30, 2022

GOP states sue Biden administration to overturn student debt relief

The lawsuit challenges the White House's authority to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for some borrowers. Meanwhile, the Education Department, in a reversal, said some privately-held loans will be excluded from forgiveness.

By Jeff Stein and Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 29, 2022

George Mason U. to give tuition credit, joining other Va. colleges

George Mason University will give a one-time credit to offset a recent tuition increase, reflecting a push from Gov. Glenn Youngkin amid inflation.

By Susan SvrlugaSeptember 29, 2022

U-Md. to dedicate dorm named for Black students who broke barriers on campus

The Johnson-Whittle residence hall at the University of Maryland is one of two dorms named in recent years for students who helped diversify the campus.

By Corinne DorseySeptember 29, 2022

Lawsuit aims to stop Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

The lawsuit, filed by an attorney at the California-based Pacific Legal Foundation, is the first legal challenge to President Biden's plan to cancel up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt for tens of millions of borrowers.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 27, 2022
Answer SheetPerspective

Audit of charter school program finds big problems

Around half of all charter schools that grantees promised to open never did. There are other findings, as well.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 27, 2022

CBO: White House plan to cancel student loan debt costs $400 billion

Supporters of student debt cancelation have argued some estimates overstate the policy’s price-tag.

By Jeff Stein and Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 26, 2022
Answer SheetPerspective

A deep dive into HBCUs, college rankings and exclusion

A new look at why historically Black colleges and universities don't do well on college rankings.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 25, 2022

U-Va. officials say 3 events are not a ‘trend of hate crimes’ on campus

An investigation found that two of the events were not racially motivated, and one was an "unusual" act of philanthropy that was misconstrued.

By Nicole AsburySeptember 24, 2022

Florida A&M students sue state over funding, allege discrimination of HBCUs

A class-action lawsuit accuses the state of maintaining a racially segregated higher education system that favors its traditionally White public institutions over its historically Black ones.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 22, 2022

House backs bill to let people with spousal student loans split the debt

The House passed a bill Wednesday to let couples who combined their student loans separate the debt, bringing some borrowers closer to becoming eligible for debt relief.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 21, 2022

This college recruitment tool could be reinforcing bias, study says

Students in low-resource school districts are at a disadvantage in receiving college marketing because of the biased design of a recruitment service, reports say.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 21, 2022

Maryland women’s college to go fully coed starting in fall 2023

The decision by Notre Dame of Maryland University, a private college in Baltimore, to go coed starting in fall 2023 has surprised some students and faculty.

By Corinne DorseySeptember 18, 2022

Unhappy with your college? Here’s how to find a better one.

Transferring colleges may sound scary and hard, but it is an option experts say can bring benefits even in these changing times.

By Jay MathewsSeptember 18, 2022

Congress renews fight to help people trapped in spousal student loans

The House is expected to vote on legislation to let borrowers split joint consolidation loans.

By Danielle Douglas-GabrielSeptember 17, 2022

U-Va. grants one-time tuition credit to undergraduates

Virginia's governor has pushed to hold public university tuition flat this year amid inflation concerns.

By Susan SvrlugaSeptember 16, 2022

U-Va. expected to heed Youngkin’s plea for flat tuition with rebate

The University of Virginia’s governing board is expected to give students a one-time credit equal to its most recent tuition hike amid Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s push to hold tuition flat at the state’s public universities.

By Laura Vozzella and Susan SvrlugaSeptember 15, 2022
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Why U.S. News may have to rethink how it creates college rankings

The Carnegie Classifications — a key tool the magazine uses to assemble its famous rankings is going under major revision.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 14, 2022

U.S. News college rankings draw new complaints and competitors

As the annual college rankings come out Monday, questions mount about the data that underlie them, the methods used to sort colleges and universities and the intense competition from other publications.

By Nick AndersonSeptember 12, 2022