White House officials said President Trump planned to sign an executive order Thursday afternoon. He has spoken out in the past about withholding federal funds from universities that suppress free speech.

Security clearance delays is keeping the federal agency from filling out the ranks of a division that handles defaulted federal student loans.

“It’s a great statement of faith and support for the research that we have been doing for some years," said Jack Goldstone, a George Mason professor.

A different admissions scandal.

A lawsuit calls on Harvard University to turn historical images of enslaved people over to a woman who claims to be a descendant of the man and girl who were photographed in 1850.

A law professor writes about the difficult choices universities will face under new Title IX rules, if approved, and how they should be planning for likely changes in the way sexual-assault allegations are handled on campus.

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If admissions were based on test scores alone, more than 40 percent of the white students already enrolled in elite institutions would have to leave.

  • Anthony P. Carnevale
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Why the test owners say no. Why critics say yes.

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Admissions officers are far more likely to suspect fraud from a certain type of kid. And it’s not the children of Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman.

Why and how we should reimagine school.

Administrators hope the ban will alleviate issues of internet access and speed on campus, freeing up more bandwidth for academic resources.

It is free and said to be the first such guide to address the problem of white supremacist groups recruiting young people.

Plaintiffs claim that universities failed to protect the admissions process.

The problem is 'wealthy parents who are robbing underrepresented groups of opportunities to climb.'

They know that "the students who need the most support receive the least."

It's stunning. Read it.

"The advantage varies by sport and athletic division, but is almost universal within higher education."

The man who wrote the seminal college admissions exposé "The Price of Admissions" weighs in on the recent bribery scandal.

What's different and what's the same.

The range of views.

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