Veterans Education Success, an advocacy group, found seven of the 10 colleges that receive the most in tuition benefits for veterans spend less than one third of that money on instruction and graduate barely one quarter of students.

A Yale Law School policy has sparked a heated controversy, with some condemning the rule as discriminating against Christian groups while others praise it for protecting gay and transgender students.

Two experts looked into how “society and culture have reared a Columbine generation,” and what role the media played.

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Lawmakers are discussing innovative ideas to make college more affordable and accessible. But without new measures to protect consumers and hold schools accountable, America’s most vulnerable students will remain at risk.

  • John B. King Jr. and Aaron S. Ament
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It's about charter schools.

Let's look at a few things they have said recently about their own role in education philanthropy.

A teacher describes why she felt it was impossible to do her job well, with all the demands on her, and have a life outside school.

Gun violence keeps escalating.

The pleas show divergent legal strategies among those charged in the scandal.

By the end of the night, Alexander McNab would find himself as the latest, forced star of another viral video about racial profiling.

Two-thirds of undergraduate students voted in favor of creating a fund to help descendants of slaves who were sold in the 19th century to pay off the university’s debts.

Mark Riddell is scheduled to appear in federal court in Boston Friday afternoon.

Harvard University at odds with graduate students over union contract.

How they won their case.

She testified yet again before Congress about the Education Department.

Teachers in Sacramento and North Carolina are planning actions.

A day after the U-Va.'s men's basketball team clinched the national title, the elation that electrified the student body lingered.

The charges come with the potential for significant penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

How do you keep score of kids’ progress when rules keep changing and goal posts keep moving? You can’t.

Charlottesville, in many ways an idyllic college town, made headlines in 2017 when a white supremacists descended on the town to demonstrate, leading to violence and the death of a local counterprotester.

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