It's the latest in a wave of student protests that could affect the outcome of European Union elections.

It says it is in an official report on education -- and, for that matter, in plenty of other places, too.

The National Labor Relations Board is revisiting the controversial 2016 ruling that allowed graduate student workers at private universities to form unions, reigniting a fight at some of the nation's most prestigious universities.

'If the state of New Jersey were to pass legislation that allowed for the arming of its teachers, I would be concerned for the safety of my children and for the black students of the state."

The donation from Frank M. Sands Sr. sets a record for the public university's Darden School of Business.

This month is the 65th anniversary of the ground-breaking Supreme Court school desegregation decision.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls have bold plans to address the $1.5 trillion student debt load. Higher education experts weigh in on which is most comprehensive.

African American children growing up poor are at greater risk of disrupted physiological functioningand depressed academic achievement, report says.

Paying off the student loans of an entire graduating class is no small feat and not just because of the money involved.

"These schools make us smile. They give us hope for the future."

Colleges that use the score, a single number from 1 to 100, will see it on a template called an “environmental context dashboard.” The idea is to help admissions officers understand the background of a student's school and neighborhood.

Who's proposed what in the world of education.

What research shows about school integration that occurred after the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling, handed down 65 years ago.

“Knowingly misrepresenting or falsifying credentials in an application can be cause for rescinding the admission of the student and dismissal from Georgetown," the university said in a statement.

Congressional Democrats say the White House request to pull $3.9 billion out of the grant program for low-income college students is a no-go.

The summer months are no time for slacking off in the world of higher education.

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Why are they given at commencement anyway?

In a written statement in April, Huffman expressed “deep regret and shame over what I have done.”

A perfect storm.

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