President Trump, who this month told Americans about the airports taken over in the Revolutionary War, had a new contribution to the historical record Monday at the signing of the Sept. 11 victims compensation fund extension.

“Many of those affected were firefighters, police officers and other first responders. And I was down there also, but I’m not considering myself a first responder. But I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there with you,” he said to a Rose Garden crowd that included 9/11 first responders.

There is no evidence that Trump went to Ground Zero after the 2001 terrorist attacks, but the president does have a long history of inserting himself into it, as The Fix’s JM Rieger details here.

Monday’s comments quickly drew condemnation from the president’s critics, including from George Conway, the wayward husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and Twitter’s unofficial Martha Mitchell.

Soon after, Twitter user @JoJoFromJerz joked: “Did you know that Donald Trump was the first aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean? It’s true. Believe me. I wonder what other, little known facts there are about Donald Trump’s accomplishments or roles in history. Please share if you know one. #LostTrumpHistory.”

George T. Conway III, conservative lawyer and husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, is a frequent Trump critic. Here’s some background. (Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)

Within hours, some of the same Twitter denizens who drove the #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories hashtag a few weeks ago were trending with a new one.

George Conway spent much of the afternoon retweeting them.

That would be Sir Edmund Hillary.

This one pokes fun at Kellyanne Conway’s erroneous 2017 claims about the “Bowling Green Massacre,” which doesn’t exist.

By Tuesday morning there were thousands of tweets on everything from the Sermon on the Mount to Great Wall of China.

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