What you need to know about installing solar panels on your home

Looking to reduce your dependence on traditional power sources? Here’s how to figure out whether solar is for you.

(John Brecher for The Washington Post)

If you’ve been thinking about adding a solar power system to your home, you aren’t alone. Some 3 million systems sit atop American roofs, including about 400,000 that were installed each year in 2019 and 2020, according to Becca Jones-Albertus, director of the Solar Energy Technologies Office at the U.S. Energy Department.

For many homeowners, the decision to go solar is a two-part process. The first is the financial side: Will the investment ultimately pay for itself and reduce or eliminate electric bills? Assuming the answer is yes, then you are ready to dive into the second — and more practical — part of the process: How do I get quality solar photovoltaic panels installed at my home by trustworthy professionals? Here are answers to some basic questions to get you started.

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