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Need to control pests in your home? The executive editor of Consumers’ Checkbook has advice.

(Ross Lewin)

On Thursday, Kevin Brasler, executive editor of Consumers’ Checkbook, will be answering your questions about pests. He directs the editorial, research and publishing operations for the nonprofit consumer advocacy group, which for more than 40 years has advised readers on how to get the best quality and prices for various services. His work has put him in touch with top-rated pest control services, and he can answer your questions about how to spot termites and what to do if mice have taken up residence in your basement. Read his 2019 article “How to a find good pest control company.”

Brasler is this week’s expert in the Thursday Q&A hosted by home and design reporter Jura Koncius. Our online conversations focus on ways to make your home more comfortable, stylish and fun. Check out some of our past discussions. We invite you to submit questions and share your own great tips below.

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Helen Carefoot, writer and editorial aide for the Lifestyle section, produced this Q&A.