How much do you know about squirrels? Test your Squirrel IQ

Squirrels. You see them everywhere. But have you been paying attention? Take this Squirrel Week Quiz to test your SQ: Squirrel Quotient.


How many different species of squirrels have scientists identified?






Into what categories are the various squirrel species organized?

Into ground squirrels, tree squirrels and flying squirrels

Into small squirrels, medium squirrels and big squirrels

Into herbivore squirrels, carnivore squirrels and omnivore squirrels

Into cute squirrels, ugly squirrels and meh squirrels


Is a chipmunk a squirrel?



Only in the Southern Hemisphere

Only in the Northern Hemisphere


Is a groundhog a squirrel?



Only in the Western Hemisphere

Only in the Eastern Hemisphere


What is the world’s smallest squirrel?

African pygmy squirrel

Mississippi pocket squirrel

Japanese bento squirrel

Micronesian micro squirrel


The black squirrels seen around Washington are the same
species as the gray squirrels: Sciurus
. Where did D.C.’s black squirrels come from originally?

A park in Ontario, Canada

A walnut farm in Asheville, N.C.

A federal government research facility in Beltsville, Md.

The very bowels of Hell itself


What is a patagium?

The pivoting bone in a squirrel’s feet that allows it to
hang upside down

The parachute-like membrane between a flying squirrel’s
front and back legs that allows it to glide

An Indonesian fruit tree pollinated by the tufted ground

A semi-autonomous, matriarchal collective of squirrels,
sharing such duties as foraging and the raising of offspring


The tufted ground squirrel of Borneo has the biggest, fluffiest
tail of any of the world’s squirrels. What else is unique about this species?

It carries its young in its tail

It kills deer by severing their jugular veins

It uses its tail as an umbrella

It does not taste like chicken


What were biologists startled to witness in 1968?

The migration of millions of gray squirrels across the Eastern
United States

A squirrel with two tails

A subspecies of squirrel whose fur resembled a psychedelic
paisley pattern

Flying squirrels dropping from the trees because of acid


Who provided the voice for Rocky the Flying Squirrel on the
1960s cartoon “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”?

Mel Blanc

Mel Ferrer

June Foray

Jane Fonda


Why does a Wisconsin company called Mepps pay hunters as much as 26 cents per squirrel tail?

For use as decorative streamers in Wild West pageants

For use in artists’ paint brushes

For use in custom toupees

For use in fishing lures


In recent years, several class action lawsuits have been
filed in U.S. courts against automakers for an interesting squirrel-related
reason. What is it?

The cars’ collision-avoidance systems were allegedly programmed
not to swerve when they detected a squirrel.

The automakers had replaced plastic-covered wires with
soy-based wiring, allegedly enticing squirrels to chew the wires, causing
costly damage.

The lumbar support cushions were allegedly found to contain
squirrel fur.

Exhaust tailpipes were allegedly too wide, allowing
squirrels to nest in mufflers.


Who wrote: “I feel about squirrels the way
Ronald Reagan feels about communists. They lie, cheat and steal.”

Ann Coulter

Tina Brown

Oprah Winfrey

Mary McGrory


According to a 1938 article in the New Yorker, what famous historical
figure spent most of
his time “gardening, fishing, and shooting squirrels”?

Ernest Hemingway

Teddy Roosevelt

Leon Trotsky

Diego Rivera