With a storm surge of almost 16 feet and enduring high winds, it devastated a 70-mile stretch of coastline.

A week after the storm hit the Gulf Coast of Florida, most people have no access to cash, struggle to put their lives back together after widespread devastation.

Officials said they have confirmed a dozen deaths in Bay County, Fla.

Officials are warning that recovery could be long and expensive.

How Michael has candidates scrambling.

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Gov. Rick Scott and FEMA Administrator William “Brock” Long toured damaged areas Sunday, warned of a long recovery from catastrophic damage.

Hurricane Michael’s swipe through the Southeast followed a devastating tornado that hit Albany, Ga., last year, another blow to a region that struggles with poverty.

The deadly storm came just days after a report on global warming.

Cut off, without water or power, many rural Floridians are unwilling 21st-century pioneers.

Authorities, residents comb through Mexico Beach, Fla., amid piles of rubble and debris.

Officials said the remnants of the hurricane hit hard in the southern and western part of the state.

Classes were canceled for hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren this week.

Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida, thrashed the state and marched north, through Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia, before moving off the coast.

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Hurricanes are hitting our nation’s “have-nots” harder than anyone else.

  • David M. Lodge
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John Thomas Stapleton was arrested and charged with sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl at a hurricane shelter in Crestview, Fla.

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Today’s youths will likely be faced with a world vastly and unpredictably altered.

The storm left an indelible mark. Here are some of the key figures.

Is the television industry taking unnecessary risks and setting a bad example?

Mexico Beach was pummeled by a storm surge and 150 mph winds, an Air Force base suffered ‘catastrophic’ damage, and towns were flattened as the hurricane sped inland.

Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida, thrashed the state and moved north before being downgraded to a tropical storm.

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