Migrants formed the council to make life better at their camp and prepare for life in the U.S. But the overwhelming majority will be denied asylum by the Trump administration.

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Unless the Trump administration resumes the ceremonies and clears the backlog of immigrants, many will be ineligible to cast ballots in presidential election.

Fisher Sand and Gravel, of North Dakota, to build 42 miles of fencing in Arizona.

Emergency restrictions that have shuttered the U.S. immigration system have blocked almost all people seeking humanitarian protection at the southern border.

Unauthorized crossings dropped by 50 percent along the U.S. southern border, according to federal enforcement statistics released Thursday.

President Trump’s design change to his border wall could add at least $500 million in costs, according to government contracting estimates obtained by The Washington Post.

According to an audio recording, the White House adviser sees virus-related order creating changes to American society by limiting immigration.

The order signed Wednesday seeks to protect the country from the virus and jobs for Americans in an unstable economy. But what does it really do?

The president signed the executive order Wednesday afternoon, saying that it will help the United States battle the coronavirus outbreak and protect American jobs.

The executive order is expected to exempt some categories of nonimmigrant visas, including temporary workers.

The president announced his plans in a late-night tweet on Monday, saying the move will safeguard American jobs and defend country from “the Invisible Enemy.”

Records obtained by The Washington Post via the Freedom of Information Act show numerous breaches of a barrier President Trump has characterized as impenetrable.

An estimated 29,000 health workers could lose their work permits if the Supreme Court ends the program for undocumented workers brought here as children.

Unauthorized crossings have dropped steeply in recent days as U.S. implements rapid deportation model due to emergency measures.

The country is taking an unorthodox approach to the pandemic, but officials acknowledge the real number of cases is much higher than reported.

A 19-year-old woman from Guatemala had reached the top of a section of fencing and fell while attempting to drop over to the other side.

ICE says it has implemented special pandemic protocols, but advocates and lawyers say an outbreak could sweep through the facilities, which have had problems with the disease.

Malpai Borderlands Group, many of whose members are conservative Republicans, see a generation of land stewardship at risk as barrier construction approaches protected lands.

Desert animals too large to squeeze between the bars of President Trump’s border wall will soon have their habitats cut in two and in recent weeks, cameras set up along the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona have been capturing the last few moments before partition.

The new rule, published Friday, has drawn an array of criticism.

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