Because an influx of Central American families is overwhelming the nation’s immigration infrastructure, U.S. officials are looking to facilities across the country.

A Washington Post photographer captured the migration surge in the Rio Grande Valley, where thousands of Central Americans are streaming over the border, overwhelming U.S. authorities and immigration infrastructure.

The boy had been taken into custody at one of the most overwhelmed Border Patrol stations, where he was held for three days.

President Trump has been pushing aggressively to limit immigration at the southern border. Instead, he wants doctors and engineers and those who can pass a civics test.

With crush of Central American families streaming to the U.S. southern border, the immigration system has been overwhelmed.

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Kirstjen Nielsen and Ronald Vitiello were ousted after halting an operation that would have targeted thousands of parents and children in 10 cities for arrest and deportation.

Border Patrol stations have been overwhelmed with an influx of migrants crossing into the United States, with several days of apprehensions topping 5,500.

Their letter to the GAO cites an unexplained slowdown in application processing and a backlog of more than 2 million cases.

Unauthorized crossings topped 100,000 for second month in a row in April, defying Trump demands for “toughness.”

The president has described the asylum system as a “scam” allowing criminals into the country, and changes to initial screenings likely will make it more difficult to seek refuge in the United States.

Their numbers fell from 12,587 in fiscal 2016 to 62 in fiscal 2018.

Antonio Oswaldo Burgos, 48, was sentenced Monday to prison on one count of bribery of a public official.

The effort will give sheriff’s offices and police departments a way to detain suspects without formal agreements that some cities have shunned.

The immigration problem needs legal remedies, Homeland Security officials say. The president longs for something harsher.

With a record number of families trying to enter the United States, spring runoff has heightened the dangers.

Hundreds of migrants have been sent back to Mexico as part of experimental program that is subject to court action.

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Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry said the 16-year-old boy died of a severe brain infection. He is the third migrant child to die in American custody in five months.

Pilot program needed to address growing number of adults arriving with children who are not their own, DHS officials say.

Caseload in U.S. immigration court is soaring, with new claims piling up faster than they can be cleared.

Challenges in finding the people who paid to release detainees and long delays are affecting impoverished families who expected to get their bond money back, advocates say.

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