Demonstrators had surrounded the unmarked white buses in Bend, Oregon for 12 hours, seeking to prevent the ICE detainees inside from being taken away.

A Trump administration proposal to curb travel from Mexico by U.S. citizens and permanent residents remains in a draft stage and saddled with doubts.

Emergency pandemic measures that rapidly expel most migrants who are arrested at the border have had the unintended consequence of a soaring rate of repeat crossings.

It was the third consecutive month that unauthorized crossings have increased at the U.S. southern border.

Civil rights groups say the directive on the census’s congressional apportionment is unconstitutional.

Work permits will be reduced to one year from two as the White House initiates a legal review required by the Supreme Court.

An undercount would have significant implications for Texas’s political future as demographics shift.

U.S. border authorities made 32,512 arrests and detentions along the southern border in June, double the number recorded in April.

The administration is to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to use a high-tech detection system at same time it spends billions on an actual concrete-and-steel wall.

New restrictions would deny humanitarian refuge on basis of it being a danger to public safety.

The Trump administration has used the agency to further its restrictive policies, which has caused some hesitation.

Trump’s transfer last year of $2.5 billion in military funds to pay for the barrier was an illegal overreach of executive authority, a three-judge panel ruled.

President Trump’s new restrictions on foreign visas leave many people — and businesses — in limbo. How the recent primaries foreshadow what to expect in November. And, NASCAR’s drama deepens.

These are the visa categories and types of workers affected by the White House orders.

The order will affect technology firms, forestry companies and others who fill some jobs with temporary workers. The White House says the measures are necessary to protect U.S. workers amid job losses triggered by the pandemic.

The ruling spared 640,000 from the threat of deportation — for now.

The number of migrants detained by U.S. authorities at the Mexico border rose significantly but were still well below the peak of the U.S. border crisis last year.

A new Government Accountability Office report finds some of the $4.6 billion emergency funding bill last year was spent on enforcement-related items rather than on migrants.

Though the president had previously sold his border wall as a nearly impenetrable structure, his administration is hoping to find ways to shore it up against those defeating it.

Migrants formed the council to make life better at their camp and prepare for life in the U.S. But the overwhelming majority will be denied asylum by the Trump administration.

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