The ACLU had paused its lawsuit for months to allow the Biden administration to reverse Trump’s border policies but both sides say negotiations have reached an “impasse.”

The Title 42 public health law has been used to return more than 1 million migrants to Mexico since the start of the pandemic.

Fleeing gang violence in El Salvador, Nancy sought asylum in the U.S. Instead, she got stuck in a Mexican border camp. In this two-part series, we explore what Nancy's ordeal reveals about the Trump administration's "Remain in Mexico" policy.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D) said he needs information on agents who detained and clashed with demonstrators.

Dreamers and activists decried the ruling as yet another instance of their long-term security being upended by political tempests, and called on Congress to pass legislation that would give them a path to citizenship.

In a statement, Biden vowed to appeal the decision.

The number of minors and families attemtping to cross ticked up despite searing summer heat.

ACLU says testimony by Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was “deeply disappointing,” aimed at “placating anti-immigrant politicians.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whose family fled Cuba decades ago, said ‘people will die’ if they try to migrate by sea.

The policy shift offers more protections for immigrant mothers than under past administrations with officials citing concern for the health of women and children.

The Biden administration says separated families came from at least 22 countries, requiring a global search.

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians and Haitian Americans were already worried about deepening unrest in Haiti, and the assassination of the president has added to their anxiety.

Officials are creating new systems, including a “Military Resource Center,” to help veterans they say were “unjustly” deported from the United States.

During a long life of social activism, she participated in the civil rights movement and was an outspoken advocate for Mexican Americans and women.

Greg Abbott says his state will step up where the federal government has not, but leaders wonder how it is all going to work.

Trump is seizing on President Biden’s struggles at the border to step up his political activities ahead of the midterm elections.

The GAO decision rejects GOP claims that Biden is legally obligated to build barriers with money appropriated for that purpose by Congress.

Others say lifting the order expelling most migrants would result in a ‘rush’ on the border.

Speaking at a Thursday summit focused on border security in Del Rio, Tex., Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said he planned to restart building a fence-like “barrier” after construction was halted when President Biden took office.

Vice President Harris delivers a blunt warning against crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. How the tax returns of the richest Americans are spurring talk of a wealth tax. And, the renewed popularity of Crocs during the pandemic.

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