Democrats have called two diplomats whose testimony they see as key to making the case that the president improperly pressed Ukraine for investigations that could benefit him politically.
What we have learned so far in the first day of public impeachment hearings.
The acting ambassador to Ukraine described a phone call in which the president checked on the status of “the investigations.”
Democrats hope the public comes to agree there was one.
The comment is the first time the attorney general has addressed reports that Trump wanted him to say at a news conference the president broke no laws.
From the hearings
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The first public impeachment hearing, in 5 minutes

U.S. diplomats William B. Taylor Jr. and George Kent testified in the first public hearing of the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry on Nov. 13.
Impeachment inquiry: Who testifies this week and why it matters
The clash of values was on vivid display Wednesday as woolly diplomats earnestly defended the old ways while Trump’s defenders spoke darkly of ‘deep state’ subversion.
U.S. envoy to Ukraine appeared unflappable as he laid out concerns over demands for political investigations.
Kent testified that there is no evidence Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election and said Joe Biden’s pressure on Ukrainian officials was not the same as President Trump’s.
The conversations remain fluid, but they could pose a serious challenge to the half-dozen Democratic senators running for president if a trial stretches into February.
Lawmakers sought to untangle Trump’s self-interest from the broader national interest.
Gordon Sondland’s conversation with the president probably was picked up by Russian intelligence, former U.S. officials said.
Myles stole the show with a towering blonde wig and shiny red mini-dress.
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After a quick spike in support for impeachment when the inquiry began, views have been steady. There's at least one likely reason why.
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Whether there was a quid pro quo doesn’t matter. The Ukraine call was wrong, period.
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For the uninitiated, Nunes’s claims might require explanation.
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