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Trump and his allies trumpet the victories as the work of a disciplined president focusing on the needs of the public, while Democrats argue they have forced Trump to hand over sweeping concessions on liberal priorities.
Trump won’t be removed. But how it goes down matters.
The president’s supporters flock to online sites where they can build their own version of events.
The full House is expected to vote next week on two articles of impeachment, which accuse the president of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
With the party-line vote, Trump became the fourth president in history to face impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors.
What is the impeachment drama actually about? What do Democrats and Republicans say? What will happen next week — and next year?
“I think it was pretty bad for who is essentially the foreman of the jury to announce the verdict,” said Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.).
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Other Republicans have avoided even commenting on impeachment because they'll be jurors. McConnell apparently has no qualms about appearing impartial.
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The really important things-- such as what evidence can be presented -- is up in the air.
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Republicans are still united, while some Democrats who aren't on this committee are wavering.
The choice by Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) to defend the president says a lot about the politics of impeachment.
The decision came after more than 14 hours of rancorous debate about the president’s alleged “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”
Votes on articles alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress were expected to follow a highly partisan debate.
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Attacks on both sides got heated and personal as the House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment against President Trump.
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