The House impeachment managers and Trump defense team face deadlines for briefs over the holiday weekend before the historic trial resumes next week.
Trump instructed the vice president not to attend the new Ukrainian leader’s inauguration a day after Lev Parnas said he failed to extract a promise that Kyiv would announce a Biden investigation.
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Doug Jones of Alabama says he's not letting political calculations inform his decisions, but he is preparing for a lot of attention throughout the process.
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With an acquittal all but certain, the best bet is to grab the attention of TV viewers — in 12 seconds
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John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, has been sworn in to preside, and the senators are being sworn in as jurors.
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With a handful of Republican incumbents facing difficult reelections in November, McConnell wants a clean, quick trial to protect their political fortunes as well as his own.
The partisan kickoff to the trial that will determine Trump’s fate came amid new allegations by a Trump associate who has tried to implicate the president more directly in an alleged plot to pressure Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 U.S. election.
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Trump and other high-profile Republicans have repeatedly distanced themselves from Parnas, only to have images call their claims into question.
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It’s not the question of acquittal versus conviction but how GOP senators meet the test of rendering “impartial justice” in the face of evidence about the president’s actions on Ukraine
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Bizarre operators such as Lev Parnas and Robert F. Hyde would have fit right in during Watergate.
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For weeks, President Trump said he wanted a Senate trial that included administration officials. Now he says he will defer to the Senate and may invoke executive privilege to block witness testimony.
CNN reporter Manu Raju asked McSally a straightforward question about the pending impeachment trial of President Trump.
With a limited road map, the chief justice enters a hyperpartisan landscape and faces an enormous test for Supreme Court’s image.
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Roberts sworn in, administers oath to senators
Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in for President Trump's impeachment trial, before administering the oath to U.S. senators, on Jan. 16.
House Republicans kept trying to stall the impeachment vote
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What Trump has said about impeachment witnesses
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Trump repeatedly denies knowing Lev Parnas
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From ‘Jesus’ crucifixion’ to ‘belly of the beast’: Lawmakers use quips in impeachment vote
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