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The whistleblower’s nine-page memo on efforts to coerce Ukraine to boost Trump’s prospects in 2020 has led to a sprawling investigation stretching from Kyiv to the West Wing.
Here’s how the first week of public hearings and a surprise Friday private testimony went down.
Mark Sandy, a longtime career employee, also told House investigators that political appointees at OMB could not provide an explanation for the delay.
Tim Morrison, a former White House national security official, told House investigators in sworn testimony that he feared leaks of the contents of the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky would be damaging, so he recommended restricting access to the transcript.
Two new pieces of evidence suggest Trump wasn't nearly as consumed with rooting out Ukrainian "corruption" as he would like you to believe.
From the hearings
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Impeachment this week: The hearings go public

In the first week of open impeachment hearings, three career diplomats gave dramatic testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.
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The episode, in which Sondland and Trump discussed the Ukrainian president’s commitment to politically charged investigations, will be scrutinized in the House impeachment inquiry.
The New York lawmaker, 35, has been mainly known for her centrist policy views and her efforts to elect Republican women. Now she is on the vanguard of the GOP’s impeachment defense.
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Diplomat David Hale is another player putting Johnson at the center of conversations with key players.
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David Holmes is the aide who overheard President Trump speaking with European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland.
The president’s remarks came after he sent a disparaging tweet in the middle of testimony by former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. House investigators also planned to depose another witness later Friday.
The closed-door testimony on Friday directly implicates Trump in an alleged scheme at the heart of the impeachment probe. It followed damaging public testimony by the former ambassador to Ukraine.
The testimony of the former ambassador put a compelling human face on a complex international scandal.
Trump’s remarks came as Marie Yovanovitch testified in the House impeachment inquiry.
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Three diplomats who have testified displayed professionalism that has come under attack.
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All the highlights, with fact-checking and analysis.
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