The Intelligence Committee is hearing from four White House and State Department officials about Trump’s actions toward Ukraine on a lengthy day of testimony.
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson prominently embraced the tactic Monday when he suggested Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman may be a member of the so-called deep state.
Officials tasked with listening to the conversation testified publicly about their concerns surrounding the matter.
Alexander Vindman, Jennifer Williams, Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison begin a hectic week of impeachment hearings.
Nunes wants viewers not to listen to witnesses but, instead, to the media — and to then reject what they hear.
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Kurt Volker was walking a very fine line on many things. But one answer in particular was difficult to believe.
Yes, there were tears from the former House speaker who had his portrait unveiled. The eternal optimist also told his former colleagues, “It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.”
Historians said there’s no precedent for the dilemma confronting Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union who is set to publicly testify in the House hearings Wednesday.
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Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, will testify in the Trump impeachment inquiry on Tuesday.
The attacks were an attempt to undercut a key witness who reported concerns about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.
Two witnesses who listened in on Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky testified Tuesday.
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At the very least, Republicans were suggesting Vindman is a résumé-inflator who exploits his military service. And some of it sounded like hinting at a dual loyalty, too.
Trump made the comments as negotiations on the trade pact were reaching a head on Capitol Hill.
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Longtime defense official Laura Cooper will testify in the impeachment inquiry into Trump on Wednesday. She previously testified about military aid to Ukraine being put on hold.
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David Hale, the highest-ranking State Department official to testify so far, will publicly testify in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Wednesday.
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