The Fulton County district attorney is examining a raft of potential criminal charges related to three calls the then-president made to state officials, as well as the abrupt resignation of the U.S. attorney.

Johnson is joining other Trump allies in downplaying the severity of the insurrection. We've seen this before — particularly with the "Charlottesville hoax."

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Can the GOP really produce a conservatism that opposes authoritarianism?

Sen. Lindsey Graham declared “the Trump movement is alive and well.”

Republicans mostly cited the alleged unconstitutionality of the trial in voting to acquit. But their statements suggest we might have come close to 67 votes on the merits.

Despite overwhelming evidence, a pervasive culture of lying made it politically untenable for so many Republican senators to vote guilty.

The 57-43 vote included seven Republicans but fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict, underscoring Trump’s continuing grip on the GOP.

The former president did not mention the deadly mob attack on the Capitol in claiming that Democrats were motivated by political vengeance.

The former president and his allies have largely been publicly silent about his actions — or inaction — as the Capitol was overrun on Jan. 6.

The impeachment charge against Trump alleged that he “willfully made statements that encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — imminent lawless action at the Capitol.”

The impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump has ended with his acquittal — the second in two impeachments — but also with a historic rebuke.

This year’s House team focused on having more succinct presentations with more rotation of speakers.

See all of the evidence presented at the Senate impeachment trial of former president Trump.

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There is plenty we still don't know and could learn from testimony. And we might now get the chance.

As Murray hid, she heard the insurrectionists yelling “kill the infidels” outside her door.

The defense team, confident that Trump will not be convicted, used up less than three hours in its arguments to the Senate.

After four years of obedience as vice president, Pence has no plans to condemn Trump — despite chilling new evidence suggesting the former president knew his No. 2 was in danger when he publicly disparaged him.

The Nov. 13 call will be examined as part of a Fulton County criminal inquiry into efforts to influence the election results in the state — a revelation that comes as the U.S. senator is serving as a juror in Trump’s impeachment trial.

Democrats shook their heads in disbelief at Trump’s attorneys, while Republicans spent much of the week barely disguising their contempt for the proceedings.

The former president's lawyers argue that his speech was protected by the First Amendment and that House managers failed to show he was responsible for the Jan. 6 violent attack on the Capitol.

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