Dangerous, extreme pranks have been popular on the platform for years before the Bird Box challenge got out of hand.

The survey looks at how Americans feel about the data Facebook collects about them.

"What a time to be alive" the Egg Gang said. Also, the Egg will have merch soon.

A 17-year-old crashed a pickup truck into an SUV while attempting the challenge. “Don’t do it. Don’t think about doing it,” one police department said.

"Here’s the photo some people described as a nude selfie of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" is a headline the Daily Caller ran about a sitting congresswoman, after the photo had been debunked.

Inspired by the Sandra Bullock movie, people have filmed themselves doing all sorts of things while blindfolded.

Instagram updated to a horizontal scroll for a hot sec, and everyone freaked out.

Not everybody can delete Facebook, even if they might want to.

In another universe, PewDiePie's Nazi jokes would have diminished his reach. Instead, they made him stronger.

The UPS Store tweets about shredding kids' letters to Santa was not received well.

It passes a Justin Bieber video.

All we want for Christmas is to fight about it online.

Dorsey tweeted about his trip to Myanmar without mentioning reported atrocities in the country.

Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite!

After being banned from the site, Laura Loomer compared herself to a Holocaust victim. James Woods learned guitar.

The decision to ban adult content, some creators say, eliminates a space where people with marginalized gender and sexual identities find safety and support.

The millennial-focused site let go of the majority of its staff Thursday.

President Trump also referenced old anti-Democrat memes and one about election supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Nurses, cops and Walmart employees are all going viral on an app that was once the territory of teen influencers.

Viewers cheered on a YouTuber who beat, killed and tormented an "annoying feminist" character in the game.

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