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The UFO truth-seekers just want that: the truth.

There’s astrology for relationships, pets, political movements and, yes, bitcoin.

Sommers's initial “Driver’s License” video has been viewed more than 7 million times.

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Sandler's viral moments at a pickup basketball game and an IHOP help explain his enduring appeal.

Laiken Olive is part of a trend on TikTok where creators living with disabilities will tell their stories or explain how they perform certain tasks.

“We know this sounds simple, but when people get desperate they stop thinking clearly,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The storied message board, a consistent source of meme fodder, is shutting down after 15 years.

It’s difficult to overstate the hold Rogan has on a certain segment of the population.

Yang, a New York City mayoral candidate, says he tweets like a “real life flesh and blood” person rather than a politician — which can sometimes lead to gaffes.

Perkins passed away Sunday at age 24.

Paradise detailed her allegations in a YouTube video posted Friday.

Welcome to “NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys: A Bar Simulation” on the audio app Clubhouse.

Many criticized the "Tonight Show" episode for not crediting the original creators, pointing out that most of them are Black.

The model and cookbook author has long spoken out about the harassment she receives on the platform.

A boat hasn’t been this unifying — or this cleansing — since Boaty McBoatface.

Dobrik, a 24-year-old with more than 18.7 million YouTube subscribers, responded in a video.

Erika Thompson has gone viral for her videos of ethical bee removal.

The 22-year-old known to millions as “Hevesh5” is arguably the brightest star in the domino universe.

Troubling as the interview's revelations may be, Twitter’s mug filled to the rim with jokes — mostly about tea.

A new New York University study found that far-right news sources and information on Facebook have better engagement than center or far-left sources.

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