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Virunga National Park said in a statement that Ndakasi died on Sept. 26 after battling a prolonged illness and “took her final breath in the loving arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma.”

The look Chloe gave the camera in the now-famous 2013 video made Internet-users around the world say “same.”

Laundrie’s parents were seen by local news crews being escorted out of their home briefly. Police have been scouring south Florida for Laundrie, who vanished last week after refusing to help find his fiancee.

Students eager to rack up likes and follows on TikTok could also end up with disciplinary records and even felonies, school administrators are warning.

Charli D'Amelio has a new show, and Addison Rae just released her film debut.

Joe Rogan, who said he is doing well as of Wednesday, has used his popular podcast to question vaccines.

Videos of people walking up and down a stack of empty milk crates in the shape of a pyramid — and the often catastrophic results — have been shared by millions across social media.

Writer Drew Magary likened it to “a Philly resident trying to say ‘community.’”

“I don’t have to be the stereotype of blindness,” Pagonis said.

Regret has become a new tool in the battle against the coronavirus

You might well be wondering why anyone would do any of this. What, exactly, makes this funny?

The platform said it recently updated its guidelines to “make exceptions for videos of school board or town hall meetings, where the intention isn’t to promote misinformation.”

“Part of being professional is marketing yourself,” said the University of Kentucky's Davion Mintz. “And Cameo fits right along with that."

Here are the most interesting, funniest and compulsively watchable accounts from the Games. Welcome to OlympicTok.

Olympic athletes have been posting about all facets of the Games, offering glimpses into their daily routines, small rivalries and the village where they’re all residing.

Some people called him a space cowboy. Most did not.

Some on TikTok say it's just a matter of shifting their consciousness. Others are skeptical.

  • Perspective

From parody songs to millennial nostalgia, these accounts offer a little something for everyone.

A new government report on unidentified aerial phenomena has the UFO community buzzing.

There’s astrology for relationships, pets, political movements and, yes, bitcoin.

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