Internet Culture

It started with a confusing tweet from the former Florida governor, but it turns out a lot of people have critical opinions of the Twitter account.

The tree was compared to “the apocalypse we’re living in,” and many thought it reminded them of Charlie Brown's.

People like Elon Musk “should know that whatever comes out of their Twitter account has an impact on the wider world,” Emma Bell told The Washington Post.

"What happens when a human being gets canceled?" Melissa Rein Lively said. "They don’t want to exist anymore.”

As the future of America hangs in the balance, a YouTube video about hexagons has become the third highest trending video on the site.

The campaign manager for Mike Cooney, who's in a tight race with Greg Gianforte, fooled Christie into making a video on Cameo.

Topher has racked up 620,000 followers, in part by joining the TikTok collective Conservative Hype House.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” he says of his journey down a long rabbit hole — and out again.

Trump has used his Twitter account to announce policy, move markets, attack the press, energize his base and insult enemies.

More than 28,000 people whose relationships have been affected by Qanon swap stories and find support on Reddit.

Everyone from Mick Fleetwood to a Montana gubernatorial candidate to the CEO of Ocean Spray got in on the action.

Often dismissed or misunderstood, long-haulers, who have been experiencing covid-19 symptoms for 30-plus days, have forged connections over Facebook and Slack.

Cain's Twitter account sent a now-deleted tweet downplaying covid-19, highlighting an ongoing debate over verified Twitter accounts of the deceased.

In a Reddit group that's exploded during the pandemic, anonymous users share their personal stories, trade tips on navigating the bureaucracy and even send each other money for food or the electric bill.

Influencers who create graphics about social justice issues are becoming wildly popular, including the account @soyouwanttotalkabout, which has gone from 500 followers to a million.

During the pandemic, Baskin joined an app where you can hire the likes of Anthony Scaramucci and Lindsay Lohan to create videos about … basically anything.

More than 67,000 editors have worked on covid-19, and the main English-language article has more than 70 million pageviews.

“I have 40 million people following me on this app,” said Spencer X. “Where would those people go?”

On Instagram, Madonna posted part of the same viral video that President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. promoted on Twitter.

Stella Immanuel, who appeared in a video that was retweeted by President Trump but banned by social media companies, is known for making outlandish claims.

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