George Zimmerman's profiles have been removed from the services.

College reaction videos on YouTube are teaching next year's applicants about the reality of college admissions.

Cybersecurity expert Chad Loder said he’s been frustrated by the platform’s seeming inability to crack down on accounts that espouse racist, homophobic and violent rhetoric.

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On YouTube, conspiracies don’t live on the fringes; they’re fodder for some of YouTube’s biggest personalities.

Charles Ross, who has gained some 2 million followers for prank videos on YouTube, has never been seriously punished despite his arrest record. Some are wondering why.


When an influencer's lifestyle brand made her ill, she tried to hide her cure: meat. Fans were livid when they found out.

"I've never done anything weird with my cats," tweeted Dawson, who has 21 million subscribers.

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The manifesto and livestream of the gunman accused of killing 49 people in New Zealand were designed to go viral.

A high school senior came up with a political prank that he felt was the best way to get his message to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

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