The conservative jurist could push the court to the right for decades and is expected to be confirmed swiftly — possibly in place in time for any election challenges.

President Trump, who nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett, has said his political future might depend on getting his third Supreme Court pick confirmed.

Democrats concede that past battles over process were losing propositions, and they need to focus on how millions of Americans could lose their health care if the Senate rushes to confirm the nominee.

The Senate minority is grappling with how much legitimacy to give to the GOP drive to rapidly confirm Trump’s expected nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, before the November election.

Justice Ginsburg' letter to my daughter is a lesson in kindheartedness and humility.

  • Mark Shavin
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Senate Republicans plan to move the nomination quickly and Democrats have little chance to block the nominee, but a bitter Senate battle looms in the weeks ahead.

Republicans get fewer votes, but they’re about to lock down the Supreme Court.

President Trump’s potential Supreme Court pick could face scrutiny for staying on — and becoming a key voice — in a federal court decision expected to limit voting by poor former inmates.

The GOP’s rapid timeline to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg provoked furor from Democratic senators and party activists, who have pledged fierce efforts to oppose President Trump’s choice.

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My mother, Dorothy Simon, personified perhaps the last generation of American women who almost completely sublimated their ambitions for those of their children.

  • David Simon
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Progressives are grieving not so much the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg but the passing of an idealized version of their country.

Three days of remembrance are underway for the second woman to serve on the high court.

Public figures such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can feel like family or friends, and it’s important to honor our heartbreak.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended the right to choose. With her passing, that right could disappear for good.

  • Mary Ziegler
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Republicans’ show of strength now could prompt a backlash if Democrats retake the White House and flip the Senate in November.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the front-runner to be nominated to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But some of President Trump’s allies continue to push Barbara Lagoa, a federal appeals judge, who Trump may meet with this week.

The pop cult of RBG emphasized style and cheery affirmation in a way that left little room for nuance.

In the coming years, the court is likely to see more cases that pit religious rights against LGBTQ rights.

The former Supreme Court justice looked like a bantamweight and fought like a heavyweight. That helps explain why so many athletes revered her.

Advice and consent? Nah, whoever it is will do just fine.

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