On Fox News, the attorney general was asked about civil liberties concerns surrounding the government’s steps to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Glenn Fine was removed from his position as acting inspector general at the Pentagon, making him ineligible for the spending watchdog role.

The senior Navy political appointee also ripped into the media in his remarks, which then leaked to the media.

The president informed lawmakers in a letter late Friday night that he will remove Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that all 29 FBI applications his office scrutinized contained errors.

The Brooklyn House has the second-highest number of confirmed covid-19 cases of any federal detention facility.

The inspector general issued a memorandum alerting officials of widespread problems in FISA applications.

Sen. Richard Burr’s sell-off has drawn criticism, and now scrutiny from law enforcement and regulators.

U.S. officials say the measures allow exceptions for humanitarian and medical aid, and that the targeted governments have a track record of diverting assistance to enrich the ruling elites.

It was unclear how or when Levinson died, but it was before the coronavirus outbreak, a statement says.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, U.S. embassies and consulates have launched “whole of mission” operations to help thousands of stranded Americans.

The man went to pick up a vehicle he thought was laden with explosives, not knowing law enforcement was watching, the FBI said.

The proposals made to Congress seek to confer a new power on the U.S. chief justice and give other top judges wider latitude to postpone hearings.

From Brooklyn to Buffalo, the Empire State stops all nonessential business, as governor requests major federal help to build emergency hospitals.

The department successfully sought a restraining order against a website falsely claiming to distribute coronavirus vaccines.

Concern for Americans imprisoned overseas grows amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an open letter, they say Trump’s reelection would continue a “downward spiral” and “likely have catastrophic results.”

The early supporter of Trump’s bid to become the Republican presidential nominee had admitted misusing campaign funds.

During impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Robert Phelps sent a message through the congressman’s website saying, ‘I want to kill you with my bare hands,’ authorities allege

The Senate is expected to pass the new measures, part of a larger reform package.

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